5 Romantic Fall Engagement Photo Ideas

Autumn is such a perfect backdrop for a romantic couple’s photo shoot.  If you recently got engaged, about to tie the knot or just want to take lovely photos of you and your significant other, make the most out of the beautiful foliage, golden sun, crisp weather, pumpkins and falling leaves and schedule a romantic photo shoot to showcase your love story.  If you’re up for that, then here are 5 Fall-themed photo shoot ideas to get you inspired.

Falling Leaves

The crunchy, golden, red and orange leaves are the perfect props for a fun photo shoot.  You can run around, dance and play with the leaves or have someone toss the leaves and take shots while they tumble toward the ground.  No fall-themed photo shoot is complete without a photo with the beautiful foliage as a backdrop.

Pumpkin Patch

Go to a pumpkin patch and have your fun, romantic photos taken.  Make sure to go when it’s less crowded and when there is a beautiful lighting like early in the morning or before sunset.  Avoid the weekends if you don’t want random strangers photo bombing your shoot.  Another option is to get a bunch of pumpkins and bring them to a different location to have a private “pumpkin-themed” photo op.  Use pumpkins to paint your names, romantic quotes or your wedding date.

Apple Orchard

Now if pumpkins are too mainstream, how about you try an Orchard photo shoot with the apple of your eye?  Make use of apple-picking baskets as props or have a cute picnic-themed photo shoot at the orchard.


Nothing is warmer and cozier (literally) than a romantic bonfire photo session.  Grab a cozy quilt, toast some s’mores and sip on hot cocoa as you sit beside the campfire, staring at each other’s eyes and have your warm, romantic moments captured.


Go to a nearby lake and have a rustic lakeside-themed photo shoot.  Start your photo session as the day draws to a close until dusk and finally, with the fall sunset as a backdrop.  The changing leaves will definitely reflect gorgeously in the water which make a perfect background for you romantic photos.

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