6 Date Ideas Every Woman Should Take Herself on At Least Once a Month

I believe that every girl needs to know how to spend time and enjoy her own company in order to become a better partner for her future or present significant other.  Whether you’re in a relationship or not, there are hundreds of reasons to take yourself out on a date.  At the end of the day, the most important relationship that a strong and independent woman has is with her own self.  Everyone needs a little me-time at least once a month to stay sane, right?  So here are 6 date ideas that aren’t Netflix, salon or shopping (which obviously, a lot of us normally do on our own).

1. Book a night or two at a nice hotel or resort.

Talk about a solo staycation.  This may sound off for those who are in relationships but for the single ladies, this is a fun idea.  Take advantage of all the amenities on your own – the pool, Jacuzzi, spa, bar, gym, rooftop, room service and more!  It may cost a little bit more than other ordinary activities, but girl, you deserve to treat yourself once in a while, yeah?

2. Wine and dine.

Depending on your budget, you can actually go somewhere fancy and have a solo wine & dine night or just buy a cheap bottle of wine (or two.. or three…) and a homemade dinner for you.  And oh!  Don’t forget the cheese platter too.

3. Buffet.

It may sound a little strange but whatever, no judging here.  Going all out at a buffet ALONE sounds liberating without anyone judging your food preferences.

4. Have a professional photo shoot.

Hire a professional photographer or get a talented friend who owns a DSLR to take Instagram-worthy photos of you.  Talk about loving your own self!

5. Go to the movies.

Solo movie marathons are normal so why not challenge yourself by going to the movie theatre ON YOUR OWN.  This is kind of weird for me but imagine not sharing snacks or hearing your company’s opinions and reactions – quite enjoyable.

6. Take a long drive.

YOLO!  Hop into your car, put some nice music on and roll the windows down as you drive around the city or probably to a different one nearby.  Take time to look around and you might just discover a new spot that you will really love.  This is a great opportunity for a fun day or weekend trip where you can do whatever you want without considering another else’s opinion.  It’s all about you, girl!  That sounds really fun and liberating.

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