How to Make this Year’s Thanksgiving Celebration a Meaningful One

I’m sure that a lot of you are now stressing over your Thanksgiving preparations, ensuring that everything will turn out perfect – the food, the decorations, the fun and games, to the point where you tend to forget about the true meaning of this celebration.  Thanksgiving isn’t just about eating delicious food, it’s about family and friends gathering together to thank the Creator for His blessing and spending quality time with each other.

These days, a lot of things get in the way of having a meaningful celebration which sometimes turn the gathering into a disaster.  No family is perfect, we get that.  But if you want to make this year’s Thanksgiving a meaningful and fulfilling one, here are a few things to do and follow.

Get everyone in the kitchen.

The cooking part is always stressful.  As a host, don’t take all the responsibility because by the time that the party will start, you’re already tired and probably grumpy.  Sharing the preparation will bring your family together so why not get everyone involved?  Learn the secrets to your family’s favorite recipes.  Even the younger kids can help out too.  Cooking and preparing the meals together will surely make the whole celebration fun, memorable and meaningful.

Put down your gadgets.

Technological distractions always get in the way of having good conversations with family members.  Pay attention to your family instead of looking through your social media, snooping on how your office mates are celebrating their Thanksgiving.  Take time to really spend time with your family, appreciating everyone around the table instead of looking down at your cellphones.  This is also a great way to be a good example to the younger kids in the family.

Put your heart and mind into it.

Set your intention even before leaving your doorstep.  Put it into your heart, mind and soul that this is a happy, loving and joyous celebration.  Having a heavy and bitter heart when coming to the celebration will just hinder you from having a great time and having meaningful conversations with the family – which totally defeats the purpose of Thanksgiving.

Don’t judge nor argue.

Most of the time, you will hear your aunts or uncles saying things that you don’t agree.  May it be their political views or any random topic.  Instead of arguing and trying to change their perspective, just listen, don’t judge and respect their opinions.  Thanksgiving isn’t a debate, it’s about respecting and understanding each other’s indifferences.

Say grace.

Gratitude is the main reason why we are celebrating Thanksgiving.  Modern families sometimes tend to forget that.  Before anyone touches their food, make sure to start with a prayer of gratitude and also ask everyone to share at least one thing that they are grateful for.

Share with others.

Another way to make the celebration special is to share with those who have none.  Make this a family tradition if you haven’t started it yet.  It’s a way to thank the Lord of all the blessings that your family has received and continue to receive.  Cook bigger batches of food and deliver them to local shelters or homeless people who have no food to eat and no family to celebrate Thanksgiving with.

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