How to Throw an Epic Friendsgiving Party

51s86szxxlWhat exactly is Friendsgiving?  Well, it’s the new Thanksgiving practiced by most American Millennials where they celebrate the holiday with non-family members.  Basically, Friends + Thanksgiving = Friendsgiving.  Wow, that was hard.

On a serious note, Friendsgiving parties are usually modern, non-traditional, fuss-free but sometimes chic and fancy.  It’s focused more on connection and fun rather than tradition.

Send out invites.

Just like any party, it’s important to have a solid guest list.  You can stick with the traditional paper invites or just send them through email, social media or even group chat.  These days, planning a gathering is easy with all the group messaging apps available.  Facebook also has a “Create an Event” option where you can make a private event and add all your guests on the list.

Make it a potluck party.

As a host, you should probably make the turkey and gravy but in Friendsgiving parties, everyone is obliged to bring a dish or two.  This is where a Facebook event, group chats or Google Docs come handy because it’s easy to coordinate the menu and make sure that there are no repeats.

Stick with menus that everyone will like.

No one is compelled to stick with the traditional Thanksgiving menus.  If you want sushi and pizza, go get sushi and pizza!  There’s no pressure to be traditional in Friendsgiving parties.

Lots of liquor and cocktails.

Unlike Thanksgiving dinner with the family, Friendsgiving has no rules on how much you can drink.  So make sure to stock up on beers, wines or whatever choice of liquor you and your friends prefer.

Set the scene.

These days, people are all about the aesthetics.  Check out Pinterest for simple DIY decorations, table inspirations and other cute décor accents that are all Instagram-worthy.  And you don’t have to stick with the traditional Fall color palette.  You can experiment with other colors or have the color White as your base and just incorporate Fall hues.

Good music playlist.

Another difference from the Traditional Thanksgiving party with your family is that you can blast music while you gobble on your Friendsgiving feast.  Assemble a soundtrack on your device that you and your friends will love and hook it on speakers and enjoy good food, good company and good music

Have a photo booth.

Remember this moment forever by taking loads and loads of photos – complete with a fun backdrop and photo booth props that you can buy in stores and online.

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