6 Romantic Holiday Proposal Ideas


Oh, the Holidays… the most wonderful time of the year and also a great time to get engaged!  Everything is just so festive, cozy, colorful and sparkly, making it the perfect backdrop for a romantic proposal.

If you are planning to pop the question this holiday season, here are some adorable marriage proposal ideas to get you inspired.

Christmas Ornament Proposal

Hide the ring inside a special ornament that you can DIY and hang it on a tree or with other decorations.  You can also have an ornament or Christmas decorations that spell out the words “Will you marry me?”  Ask your loved one to look at the ornaments and get ready to kneel and ask the question.

Christmas Gift Treasure Hunt

Prepare and hide as many meaningful little gifts that lead up to the big gift which is the ring or something that writes “Will You Marry Me?”  Include keepsakes, both of your favorite things and items that symbolize your relationship over the years.

A Special Christmas Presentation

If you want to propose in front of the public, choose a location where you can get a musician or a choir to perform without your loved one not knowing that it’s especially for him or her.  After a few Christmas carols, the performer/s will sing or play a love song as you make your proposal.

Proposal During a Family Gathering

Gather all the special people in your lives and do your proposal in front of them.  You can do it before, during or after dinner.  It will truly be a memorable and special moment, not just for you and your partner, but for the whole family as well.

Proposal on Ice

Take your significant other for ice skating (make sure you both know how to do it or else it will end up as a total fail) and in the middle of the ice rink, with lights and festive soundtrack in the background, profess our love and pop the question.

Proposal in Lights

Have light-up letters that spell “WILL YOU MARRY ME” or write the question in candles or with fairy lights.  I guarantee you, this idea is hands down, the most romantic and festive one ever.

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