Best Gift Under $50 for People Who Love to Travel

817jcuutc4l-_sl1500_If you have a jet-setter in your life or probably a loved one who is traveling for the first time, these travel-themed gift ideas will surely be appreciated and put to good use.

Check out my list to find all sorts of gifts that can inspire adventures, capture memories and make traveling way easier and more enjoyable.

Scratch Off Map

First on the list is a décor that can showcase all the places that your favorite wanderlust has been to.  This 33.11 x 23.39 size scratch off map will is also a convenient tool to help her plan where to go next.

8156liehtel-_sl1500_Portable Solar Charger

Power banks have been popular nowadays but a Solar Charger is a different story.  Because, most of the time, it’s easier to find the sun than an outlet when you are traveling!


413mpbwxrqlMini Travel Charger

I repeat – it’s really hard to find outlets when you are traveling and if you ever find one, chances are, there’s only one. Save a loved one from this dilemma by giving him this Belkin Surge Plus Mini Travel Charger that gives 3 additional outlets and 2 USB charging ports.


615zcu05-fl-_sl1001_Travel Survival Kit

Give the gift of safety and remedy  which through a handy survival kit which is the most important thing that every traveler should carry all the time.  Go for a lightweight but durable trauma kit that has all the basic and essential emergency components.



81jpg6lok8l-_sx522_Sleep Mask

When traveling, you have limited to time to sleep and when there’s a chance, it should be a good quality dose of zzz’s. Your loved one will love you even more if she receives this luxury sleep mask from Hibermate (okay, I cheated… it’s more than $50… this mask costs $59.95 but I can’t let this pass).  Unlike ordinary sleep masks, this has a satin exterior with removable ear cups that can reduce noise by approximately 15-20db.


71zxj2q3tml-_sx522_Mini Lens Kit for Smartphones (iPhone and Android)

Of course, taking lots of photos is part of every journey.  For them to easily capture memories and take better photos, this kit already includes all the essentials – a tripod, selfie stick, Bluetooth remote control, and phone lenses (telephoto, fish eye, wide angle, macro) will do the job.



pcLuggage Organizers

For the first time traveler, help them out by giving them gifts that will make packing a breeze.  Packing cubes will help keep belongings neatly stored and conveniently organized and at the same time, protect garments from wrinkles.  To organize electronics and all sorts of cords, a lightweight electronics organizer will protect all your gadgets during travel and organize all cables and cords to avoid tangles.


Travel Books

Lastly, to inspire them to make new adventures and probably explore the world, get them these best selling travel books:

Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places

1,000 Places to See Before You Die

How to Travel the World on $50 a Day

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