How to Become a Better Partner in 2017


We all want to become the best versions of ourselves – the best partner, the best parent, the best sibling, the best daughter or son.  But we are humans, not robots.  We are not perfect.  But we can be better versions of ourselves, learning from our mistakes and constantly making ways to improve ourselves.

Today, let’s focus on how you can become better a partner for the love of your life.  Remember, it takes two to make a relationship successful.  You can’t force your partner to do the same but it can encourage him or her to match your efforts.  Like what they say, a happy spouse equals to a peaceful house.

These 5 ways will not just help you become a better “partner” but a better person as well.

1. Communicate more.

Communication plays a vital role in all kinds of relationships.  If you feel that this is an area that you need to work on, well it’s time to talk more about your feelings – things that you want and what you don’t want (with respect and in a nice way, of course).  Assumptions and pretentions will just ruin a good relationship.  Don’t bottle up your feelings and expect that your partner can read your mind because FYI, no one can.  At the same time, listen to your partner more.  You see, communication is not just speaking but also listening.

2. Be more patient.

Oh my, this is difficult.  Especially if both of you have “impatient” listed as one of your traits.  But trust me, it’s worth the extra effort.  Improving your patience will definitely help prevent any fights over trivial things.

3. Have more date nights and do lots of activities next year.

When a relationship gets boring, it gets bad.  So shake up the usual routine and plan for new exciting adventures and activities to make new memories – just like the old times.

4. Be more affectionate.

We all need some lovin’ and there’s no such thing as too much love.  Although it’s normal for couples in long term relationships to show less affection towards each other, don’t just settle for that norm.  Remind your loved one how much you adore, appreciate and love him/her every day.  For 2017, say “I love you” as often as you can.

5. Ask your partner how you can make him/her happier.

The best way to become a better partner is by asking.  Let your partner know that you are concerned and determined to become a better person and to make him/her happier.  The mere fact that you asked will surely make him/her happy.  No doubt.  This way, you know how your significant other sees you and the relationship.  Girls, make sure you don’t take things out of context, negatively and sensitively.

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