5 Tech-Free Getaways if You Want a Digital Detox

On my previous blog post, I mentioned about Digital Detox Retreats where you can “disconnect” with the world but “reconnect” with yourself.  Going tech-free is a unique physical and emotional experience that can reinforce the importance of meaningful and personal relationships and connecting with your inner self without relying on technology.

If you are ready to go tech-free, here are 5 getaways for your digital detox.

1. Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, California

This Zen Monastery is perfect for anyone who wants to explore their artistic side.  Aside from meditation and yoga, you can learn about cooking and creative expression.  One of their detox retreats offer an opportunity for attendees to practice with words through writing, craft personal stories and even learn the basics of old school brushwork. And of course, cell phones and audio devices are banned during the course of the retreat.

2. Maine Schooner Stephen Taber, Maine

What better way to unplug than being in the open water, just sailing and listening to the waves crashing – no internet, TV, phones or computer.  You can choose from 4 to even 6 days aboard without any itinerary.  Yes, this is what makes this cruise special.  Each day and trip is different and guests will have the opportunity to experience activities ashore.  The Taber has no inboard engine that’s why they have no itinerary.  If you ask where the destination is, their answer is wherever the wind and tide will take you.  Remember, this is not a cruise ship but a sail boat owned and captained by Captain Noah Barnes.  Aside from the fun aboard and ashore activities, you can also feast on their all-you-can-eat lobster bake!

3. Lake Placid Lodge, New York

Balanced on the edge of a village and a forest, Lake Placid Lodge, is a great and quick escape from the distractions of everyday life.  They have a package called “Check-In to Check-Out” where you will be required to leave your technology at the door and just enjoy being one with nature.   The lodge offers a bunch of fun, seasonal activities.  This winter, you can enjoy snow bonfires, ice fishing, skiing, dog sled rides, gondola, and a lot more.  The challenge here is to experience tall the fun without access to the internet, which means you can’t Snap, Tweet or put it on Facebook.

4. St. Vincent and the Grenadines, The Caribbean

This small Caribbean island offers a digital detox vacation package, complete with an online guidebook that you can download and read before your trip.  Your vacation begins with a 1-hour de-tech life coaching session where you can learn how to truly relax and rejuvenate by tuning out and switching off your gadgets.  The SVG is a paradise that will cut you off from the technological trappings of the modern world – which makes it the perfect digital detox vacation with a tropical vibe.

5. Jacada Travel, Botswana

If you want a safari-themed digital detox, this African Safari trip will truly disconnect you from all the notifications from the modern world, without sacrificing comfort.  Here, you can immerse yourself in true African wilderness where you can interact with wild animals and indigenous communities.


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