6 Unconventional (But Fun and Adorable) Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

Fancy dinner, expensive gifts, bouquet of roses, chocolates and cheesy messages, you know the drill.  These are the obligatory things to do and give during Valentine’s Day.  Of course, these are all romantic and cute but sometimes it just gets boring, especially when you’ve been dating for so long.

If you want to break away from the usual, check out these 6 unconventional but totally fun and sweet things to do this Valentine’s Day.

1. Ditch the fancy dinner date.

Instead of a fancy candlelight dinner, feast on fast food or an eat-all-you-can.  Just devour your favorite comfort foods and make Valentine’s Day a day off from your diet.  Another twist to the cliched dinner date is to have it for breakfast.  Pack a picnic of your favorite breakfast foods and go to your favorite spot while watching the sun rise together – unconventional but still romantic.

2. Skip the movie theaters.

Today’s not the time for some cheesy romantic flicks on Netflix or the movie theaters – bring out the inner child in you by spending an entire day on an Amusement Park.  Forget all the worries of adulthood and just spend time as big kids trying out rides, eating cotton candies, playing in the arcade and taking silly photos… just like the old days.

3. Sing your hearts out at a karaoke bar.

Unlike the usual “drinks at the bar,” rent a private karaoke room to cap off your date instead.  Let go of your inhibitions and have your own private mini concert.  It’s a whole lot of fun and intimate too.

4. Go for the offbeat blooms.

Flowers never go out of style but you can switch the usual bouquet of roses to something unique this year – flowers arranged in a hand crafted wooden box, a heart-shaped wreath or a cute succulent.

5. Don’t just settle for something sweet.

Chocolates are supposed to symbolize affection, luxury and passion that’s why giving them on Valentine’s Day has been part of the so-called “tradition.”  But it’s 2017 and not all of us are choco-holics.  Some of us prefer sour gummies, potato chips, cookies… and wine.  But seriously,  you know your partner well so why  not arrange a box or a crate filled with all of his/her favorite treats.  Guess it’s not the year for Godiva and Ferrero Rocher.

6. Exchange the cheesy for something funny.

Who says that expressing your love to your significant other has to be cheesy and sappy?  The best couples are the ones who laugh together so I’ve gathered up a bunch of not-your-ordinary V-Day cards that will guarantee giggles and will state your love in a very unique way.



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