Your 7-Day Digital Detox Plan


We don’t need to check the stats to know how people nowadays are addicted to the internet.  If you can’t go 20 minutes without checking your phone, well, it’s time for an intervention!

Did you know that Digital Detox Retreats exist?  Yup, these retreats are completely tech-free.  Attendees are required to give up all their gadgets in exchange for a bunch of experiences that will “disconnect” you from the world but will reconnect you with yourself.  However, these retreats are not cheap! Don’t worry, I have an easy, realistic, doable (that doesn’t involve spending thousands) 7-day detox plan for you.

The key here is to take little steps.  As you all know, in anything and everything, drastic changes don’t really give you long term results.

So let’s begin…


Yes, we are starting off on a Sunday.  The day before the actual work week starts, we usually take down notes on our phone or set our schedule for the week on our online calendar.  Take it back to old school and plan out your week, to-do’s and grocery lists the old fashioned way – paper and pen.  Although a lot of us actually do this together with our online reminders and calendars, others still rely solely on their phones and laptops.


Disable all push notifications.  Don’t let the buzz and beeps from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or what social media network you are in, interrupt your day and thought process.  It’s hard not to look at your phone when you see a notification on your screen even if it’s on silent or airplane mode.  Just pick a time to check your phone and be intentional about it.


Stop the flow of negativity on your feed by filtering certain people on your social media accounts.  Unfollow those who aren’t really close to you, those who always post negativity and hate on their accounts or simply those who don’t inspire you.  Switch it up by following accounts that are inspiring, uplifting and motivating.


Set up a charging station outside of your bedroom and charge your gadgets there.  That way, you can fully relax and rest inside your bedroom without your hand glued to your phone.


Dedicate your meal time to your food and the people you are eating with.  It’s a great time to have conversations with friends, significant other or your family.  Make every meal time, device-free.  For those who eat alone, don’t mind that awkward feeling.  Keep that phone away from the table and enjoy your food and your alone-time.


We are all used to snapping everything we do, taking photos of our food before we actually eat it, tweeting our whereabouts…  Now it’s time to challenge yourself and do something fun on a Friday night without posting it online.


Plan out a day filled with productive activities and resist the urge to look at your phone or use the internet.  Clean your home, organize your closet, work-out, go to the spa… there are a lot of things to do that don’t involve the internet.

Whatever your age is today, you CAN live without the internet.  Don’t let it eat you up alive.


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