12 Must-Download Apps for All the Single Ladies

Who needs a partner when you have your smartphone in your hand?  (…says the 30-year-old single lady writing this article.  Okay that was a joke.  Who doesn’t want to feel loved and be in love?)  But kidding aside, a smartphone has become a person’s lifeline in this day and age.

So for today’s blog post, let’s talk about 12 must-download apps that are essential in your life.  From shopping to fitness, dating to safety concerns – these apps will surely make any single lady’s life a lot easier and more fun.

Health & Fitness

Single or not, every woman should make it a point to maintain her health.  So take pride in nourishing your bodies in the best way possible through a healthy and fit lifestyle.  The following apps can help you achieve all your wellness and fitness goals, as well as keep your health in check.

1. Nike+ Training Club (iOS, Android): Your ultimate virtual personal trainer.  Here, you’ll find free workouts, personalized training plans and the motivation you need to get fit.

2. MyFitnessPal (iOS, Android):  A database of over 6 million food and drinks to help you track your diet and achieve your fitness goals.

3. Happify (iOS, Android):  This is a helpful app that brings you tools and programs to take control of your emotional wellbeing, such as mindful meditations, games, daily activities and more.

4. Period Tracker (iOS, Android):  Track your period and ovulation days and predict cycles and fertility days.


Online dating is big nowadays and here are the apps that you need to meet new people, make new friends and find potential dates.

5. OkCupid (iOS, Android):   This is a dating app that doesn’t ask you to link your Facebook account.  It also allows you to browse matches from all over the world.

6. Tinder (iOS, Android):   This app requires your Facebook account for verification and gives you matches within your desired distance.  Swipe right to like someone and swipe left to pass.  Users are only able to connect to each other when both parties liked or swiped right on each other’s profiles.

7. Bumble (iOS, Android):    Ladies, to help you weed out the pervs and jerks, Bumble is reinventing the dating norms.  On Bumble, ladies will be the first to make the move and the potential dates only have 24 hours to respond.


These two apps will help you stay safe 24/7 since being single means that you are more likely to travel, get around and go home on your own.

8. Circle of 6 (iOS, Android):    Choose up to 6 trusted friends/family to add your circle and use the app to “tap twice” and automatically send your circle a pre-programmed SMS alert message with your exact location in case you get into an uncomfortable or risky situation.

9. Companion (iOS, Android):  The app allows family, friends or local police to keep an eye on you when you’re on the move.  All you need to do is enter your destination and select some contacts to see a live map of your progress as you make it from Point A to Point B.  They don’t even need the app to do this. This is very helpful when riding a cab, an Uber or when you’re with the guy you just met at the bar.


Who needs a man when you have on-demand services where you can hire a person to do tasks for you?

10. Favor Delivery (iOS, Android):  Have anything you want in your city deliveried straight to your doorstep in under an hour – take-out, groceries, laundry, etc.

11. TaskRabbit (iOS, Android):  From house cleaning to organizing, moving to handyman jobs and more, TaskRabbit will connect you with highly-rated Taskers who are ready to lend a hand for all the chores and errands you need help with.

12. Uber (iOS, Android):  Hire a personal car and driver to whenever and wherever you need a ride, within minutes.


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