5 Unique & Creative Dinner Date Ideas


Dinner dates – the endless cycle of grabbing a bite at a swanky restaurant followed by drinks at a bar or a movie after wards.  Hey, it’s 2017!  It’s about time to try something new.  Ditch the classics and go for something unique, creative and unexpected.

To help you brainstorm for your next dinner date, here are 5 ideas that are worth a try.

1. Have a three-course dinner at three-different places.

If you want to stick to the classic three-course dinner, change it up by going to three different places instead of sitting down for a long meal in one fancy restaurant.  It’s more fun and exciting!  Plus, you get to choose what type of cuisine to have for each course.  Think tapas followed by ramen then topped off with cronuts for dessert. Restaurant-hopping lets you plan the most unusual yet satisfying three-course dinner combo – something that you can’t get from one restaurant alone.

2. Attend a mystery dinner.

A Mystery Dinner is a type of dinner theater that is fun, exciting and thrilling!  Diners are invited to solve murder mysteries as they eat and watch the play.  You and your partner can even use your hidden acting and improve skills to throw dialog with other actors and diners.

3. Take a couple’s cooking class.

It’s a fun and practical way to shake off your usual dinner dates.  You get to spend quality time with each other while learning something new.  Although a cooking class can be a bit pricey, it’s an experience that is worth splurging on.

4. Go to a street fair.

Forget about your diet and dressing up to the nines for a dinner date.  A Street fair or a food festival is a cool place for you and your partner to walk around and try new bites while being surrounded with people, music, more food and a whole lot of fun.

5. Karaoke Dinner

Karaoke bars have private rooms that serve food so don’t worry about belting out your favorite tunes in public.  Rent a small room for just you two where you can bust out to your favorite jams and sing your hearts out while enjoying good food and drinks on the side.

So, which one are you doing for your next date?

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