6 Fun & Unique Classes That Couples Can Do Together

Couple classes are perfect if you are looking for unique and fun ways to bring you and your partner closer.  Break away from your usual date nights and try something new (especially this Valentine’s Day).  These classes provide an enjoyable and unique way for couples to bond, learn something new and make new and long-lasting memories.

1. Mixology Class

For couples who enjoy drinking (in moderation), why not learn how to make your own cocktails and discover new tasty drink recipes?  It’s a skill that you can use to impress your guests the next time you host a party at home.

2. Improvisation Class

Improv classes are for both outgoing couples and shy couples who want to break out of their shell.  You’ll learn how to be spontaneous and build your confidence.  The philosophy of improvisation is to always say YES and provide more information.  It’s not just being funny and witty; it’s learning how to think fast and not just say no because it’s easy.  The skills you will learn from an Improv class will surely come handy in your everyday life.

3. Rock Climbing Class

This is the perfect class for adventurous couples.  Not only that it’s thrilling, it’s also a great way to work up a sweat while having fun.

4. Foreign Language Class

If you have an international trip coming or planning for one, why not take a foreign language class to enjoy your vacation even more?  Knowing the country’s language makes everything less stressful and more memorable.

5. Massage Class

No need to pay for a massage when you have a personal masseuse a.k.a your significant other at home?  Attending a massage class is a fun and entertaining date idea where you can learn different massage techniques that you can easily replicate at home.

6. Sushi Making Class

A list won’t be complete without any food-related class.  Cooking classes are common already so let’s skip that.  Master the art of Sushi-Making with your partner – not just the preparation but also the history and the proper sushi etiquette.  Because… who doesn’t love sushi?

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