A Single Girl’s Guide to “Surviving” Valentine’s Day

Well, ladies.  It’s that time of the year again.  February 14th.  Valentine’s Day.  You know… that over-hyped “holiday” that reminds us, single ladies, that… yeah, we are totally single.  But before you even start panicking or breaking down, read this article first and I’ll help you make this year’s Valentine’s Day fun and memorable even if you have no one to spend it with.

First of all, who says that Valentine’s Day is just for couples?  Valentine’s is about love in general.  You can celebrate with your family, friends, on your own or with your fur babies.  There’s no reason to be sad to begin with.

Okay, let’s start with the planning.

Start your day with a smile.

You decide how your day goes so why would you start it with a frown and a bad mood?  Wake up with a big cheerful smile and a grateful heart.  Take time to prepare for the day – a hearty meal, a relaxing bath, some makeup and a super cute outfit.  Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t feel good about yourself on Valentine’s Day.

This year, Feb. 14 falls on a Tuesday and lucky for us single ladies, we only have a couple of hours to endure till the clock strikes 12.  Before you know it, it’s already over.

Get pampered.

Whether you’re working or not, make sure to spend time pampering yourself.  Remember, you don’t need a man to feel pampered!  Head to the spa to get a facial and a massage, grab yourself a mani-pedi and treat yourself with something new (like a new dress for example or that purse you’ve been eyeing on for a while).

Spend time with friends or family.

Just because you’re single, doesn’t mean you need to be home alone!  Call up some of your single friends and plan a girl’s night out… or spend time with your family.

Get glammed up.

If you plan to spend the night with your gal pals, well it’s time to get glammed (not for anyone, but yourself)!

Have a fabulous night.

Splurge on yourself and for fun this Valentine’s Day!  Go to a fancy dinner, order a bottle of your favorite wine, sing and dance your hearts out… anything as long as you are having fun.  No meltdowns, no sulking and not a single tear shall be shed this year.

Keep in mind that it’s all about fun and loving yourself.  It’s you who defies your happiness.  So why would you choose to spend the day staying at home alone and watching sad romantic movies.  Love yourself enough to not even feel bad about being on your own.  Self-love is a magnet for love… the more you love yourself, the more loving people and situations you will attract.

Wishing you all single ladies the best Valentine’s Day this year! <3

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