His & Hers Gift Ideas for Couples

From married to dating or anywhere in between, “His & Hers” gifts are perfect for love birds at any stage in their relationship.  Whether it’s for an engagement, wedding, housewarming… Valentine’s, Anniversary or just because, here are 8 his & hers gift ideas for the madly-in love couples.


1. His Beer Glass & Hers Wine Glass

For couples who love to drink together, this Beer and Wine Glass duo is perfect for at-home dinner dates.  Both glasses also make an adorable décor to your mini bar at home.

2. His/Hers Cork Display Box

Now, to keep track of the number of beer and wine bottles consumed, here’s a His & Hers Wood and Glass Display box for your bottle cap and wine cork collection. Let’s see who gets to fill their side first!

3. Salt and Pepper Couples Apron

This is a cute pair of aprons for the couple who loves being in the kitchen.  This will make cooking sweeter and more fun!

4. Together Since Hoodie

Wear your love for each other loud and proud with this customizable matching couple hoodie.  It’s a hip apparel to show the world when your love began!

5. Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right Throw Pillow Cushion Cover

A wife-approved pillow case design that will liven up any room in a couple’s home.

6. Lovers Bedding Side

Here’s another wife-approved home décor that will guarantee a good laugh!  Men, you know the struggle.

7. Mr. & Mrs. Luggage Tags

This Mr., Mrs. And more Mrs. Luggage tags is a humorous gift for the couple who loves to travel.  It’s time to replace those boring old luggage tags.  Ladies, you know you need that extra one!

8. His & Hers Bathrobe Set

Give the gift of luxury with this set of Terry Cloth Bathrobes made in 100% Egyptian Cotton.  Have it customized with monogrammed initials for a personal touch.

There you have it… 8 “His and Hers” gifts for any occasion.  Which one’s your favorite? <3

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