The Best European Destinations for Solo Travelers


Sometimes, traveling with other people can get overwhelming that’s why the best travel companion you can have is yourself.  Letting yourself wander and get lost in a beautiful city is such a fulfilling experience.  Plus, you are the master of your itinerary – you see everything and plan your activities at your own pace.

If you are traveling solo for the first time, Europe is a good place to start.  It’s a lot safer and has so much history and culture to discover.

If you’re planning your first solo trip but don’t have a destination yet, keep reading and I’ll share with you the best cities to visit in Europe.


This capital city in Czech Republic has been raved about in different blogs, forums and websites as the best city for solo travelers.  Prague is such a unique city to discover and relish on your own.   All of the main sites are close to each other and are all accessible on foot.  So you don’t have to worry about spending much money and time when getting around the city.  The city feels safe even at night and with a lot of travelers, there’s a slim chance that you’d be walking anywhere alone.


Dublin’s reputation of being the friendliest city in Europe is the main reason why travelers flock Ireland’s capital city.  There’s just something about the the welcoming nature of Dublin locals that will make you feel at home right away.  So if you want a safe city with great culture, good music, craft beer and jolly Irish spirit, Dublin is the place to be.


Despite of the hustle and bustle, I still think that London is a great place for a solo journey.  Getting around the capital city of United Kingdom is not that hard with its easy-to-navigate trains.  This world-class city has a lot to offer – history, food, entertainment, etc.


This Scandinavian city a sophisticated places that’s a mix of the old and new architecture, fashion and design, a place for good food and the best craft beer and has an extensive two-line metro systems that will get you exactly where you need to go.  If you don’t mind wandering in the city on your own but find eating alone awkward and weird, there’s a bunch of Food and Beer tours offered in the city.  There’s just something about Copenhagen that’s so laid-back, cozy and peaceful – perfect for a solo traveler who wants to escape from stress.


If you want to meet new people with same interests as you during your solo adventure, going to festivals is a great way to bump into like-minded locals and travelers.  And no city in Europe does festivals quite like Edinburgh.  From Film festivals to Jazz and Blues, Military Tattoo and Book Festivals, Edinburgh is a home to many different festivals that present diversity and artistry all year round.


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