5 Apps to Help You Get Through a Breakup

Nowadays, technology plays a huge role in relationships.  Thanks to social media and online dating apps, meeting your potential partner has become easier. Unfortunately, it can also break you apart in one snap.

Yes, technology can bring people together, break them apart AND help you get through it as well.

If you are interested with the latter, here are the 5 apps you need to get through a recent break-up.

1. Rx Breakup

This brilliant app is a 30-day guide to help you get over your break-up.  You’ll find professionally developed self-help techniques and day-by-day advice in the tone of a pal.  For example, Day 1 is cutting all social media ties, Day 5 is taking selfies, Day 10 is anger management, etc.  The app tells you everything you need to hear – something that your friends might not have the courage to say in front of your face.

2. Kill Switch 

The problem with digital age is that we are still connected with our ex-lovers even if the relationship is already over, making it harder to move on.  If you want to erase those sappy “oh-so-in-love” statuses, gushing posts and kissy pictures on Facebook, don’t worry.  The Kill Switch app will delete all those painful reminders on your digital life.  The app will discreetly remove all pictures, videos, posts and status updates tagged with your ex.  No need to go through the drama and hassle of unfriending your ex or deactivating your account.

3. Drunk Mode 

Drunk Dialing or Messaging?  We’ve all been there before.  To prevent yourself from doing this shameful deed, use Drunk Mode to hide and block select phone contacts for up to 12 hours.  You only get to unlock those numbers if you can solve a math problem.

4. Never Liked It Anyway

So what do you do with all those gifts he gave you or those random items that remind you of your ex?  You sell them on a marketplace for the brokenhearted!  Whether it’s a jewelry, a wedding dress, an engagement ring – you can basically turn your heartbreak and those painful memories into cash.  Talk about having more budget for your future retail therapies!

5. Tinder

Now if you think going back to the dating scene will help you forget about your ex, then go for it.  To each his own.  Tinder gives you an opportunity to meet new people and arrange potential dates.

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