5 of America’s Best Spring Drives

Spring is a great time to go on a spontaneous drive.  With vibrant colored flowers blooming, birds chirping and the temperatures rising, who wouldn’t want to embrace the fresh outdoors?

Are you planning to go on a road trip but don’t know where to go?  Travel + Leisure just put up a list of America’s Best Spring Drives and below are my Top 5 Picks.

From the finest floral displays to cool greenery and high mountains, these places will surely inspire you to hit the road ASAP.

1. Antelope Valley, California

Fancy some poppies in full bloom?  The iconic orange flowers in Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve are already blooming and are expected to look even more beautiful in the coming weeks – making it the perfect backdrop for your Instagram-worthy photos.

T + L recommends you to drive the seven-mile Antelope Loop Trail within the Poppy Reserve up to the Antelope Butte Vista Point for sweeping desert landscapes.

2. Historic Columbia River Highway, Oregon

Along this 70-mile planned scenic roadway, you’ll get to encounter waterfalls, historical sites, fish hatcheries and awe-inspiring views.  If you are a nature enthusiast, you will surely enjoy five miles of waterfall after waterfall.  Some can be seen directly from the highway while some may require a few walks.  You’ll also get to find cute boutiques and small restaurants to add to your list.

3. San Juan Skyway, Colorado

The skyway is all about mountains, lakes, rivers, falls, historic mining towns and quaint villages – purely breathtaking.  Be sure not to miss a stopover at the Mesa Verde National Park and Dunton Hot Springs Resort for more outdoor fun.

4. Catalina (a.k.a Mount Lemmon) Highway, Arizona

If you want a desert-vibe for your next road adventure, make sure to drive through Catalina Highway, one of the most scenic highways in the southwest.  It offers amazing views of mountain forests, rock sculptures, canyons, deserts and wildflowers.  It seems like every turn reveals something new, and that’s pretty exciting.

5. Lake Shore Drive, Illinois

For an urban drive, Lake Shore Drive offers over 15 miles of green space, beaches and a mix of parkland, skyscrapers and luxury apartments.  During spring, you’ll also get to enjoy the beauty of up to 143, 000 tulips and pansies blooming along Michican Avenue.


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