8 Romantic & Fun Date Ideas for Spring


Spring has officially sprung and that only means one thing – it’s time to head outdoors, enjoy the breeze and have some fun under the sun.  Don’t get me wrong, movie nights and cozy romantic evenings are fun but now is the perfect time to take advantage of the beautiful weather and plan tons of outdoorsy and adventurous activities with your significant other.

Now, if you’re ready for some spring-time fun, here are 8 date ideas you should try this year.

1. Plan a picnic.

Jumpstart the spring season with a good old romantic picnic date in the park or by the lake.  Pack a blanket, prep a romantic music playlist, whip up a meal for two, bring some champagne or whatever drink you prefer… and of course, don’t forget the sweet treats! A perfect and laid-back activity to do before the temperature reaches its sweaty peaks.

2. Plant a garden.

Get your hands dirty (in a productive way of course!) and have fun planting a garden with your partner.  Don’t have a backyard?  Just create a little terrarium or a succulent garden for your space – a great way to spruce up your home for Spring.

3. Go on a road trip.

Hit the road with the windows down and a playlist with you and your significant other’s favorite tunes.  Don’t forget to bring some snacks and your camera!  It’s the perfect time to snap some cute and fun roadside-attraction photos as a couple.

4. Go to a local festival.

There’s never a shortage of fairs to attend during the spring season – music, food, craft, etc.  Check out your local city or cities nearby for some festivals that you want to go with your partner.

5. Spend a day at a theme park.

If festivals aren’t your thing, theme parks make for a great spring date.  It’s fun, exciting and thrilling too!  Not an adrenaline junkie?  Well it’s time to conquer your fear and hop on the most daring rides while holding your loved one’s hand!  But it’s okay, there so much more than rollercoasters – you’ll have fun walking around, taking photos, playing games and winning prizes!

6. Visit the farmer’s market.

Hit your local farmer’s market and shop for some fresh and in-season fruits and veggies.  Turn it into a date by leisurely strolling amongst food stalls and vendors with a coffee in hand. Make sure to enjoy a delicious brunch before heading home to cook a meal out of those fresh ingredients you bought.

7. Go hiking or biking.

Going on a hike or a bike ride together with your partner doesn’t just make for a fun date but a good exercise as well.  Take advantage of the beautiful weather and take your workouts outdoors while enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature and your love beside you.

8. Go for a beach stroll.

I know, it’s still kind of cold for a beach trip.  But who says going to the beach means you have to go in for a dip?  There are other romantic things to do at the beach that don’t involve going into the water.  You and your significant can take a walk up and down the shore line, watch the sunrise or sunset together, have a picnic, make sandcastles, take photos or if you can’t resist, just put your toes in the water.

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