The Ultimate Bucket List for Besties


Throughout our lives, people come and go – we meet new friends but only a few stay till the end of time.

A best friend is a sibling, a soulmate that isn’t your lover, your human diary… someone who’s going to accept you, be honest with you and will never judge you.  Call yourself lucky if you have that person in your life.

Wherever you are in life now, it’s very important to continue nurturing your friendship with new memories, special moments and fun experiences.  And that’s what this Ultimate Bucket List is for.

Don’t let your hectic schedules and daily stresses come in between your friendship.  Make time for it and have fun ticking off the Bucket List together.

Get a seasonal makeover.

Spend a day getting season-specific makeovers – new haircut or hair color, new wardrobe essentials, new makeup.  A darker hair color for fall, new colorful dresses for spring, a shorter hair and new swimwear for summer!  Isn’t that fun?

Create a music playlists together.

Spotify allows you to team up with your friends to create and edit the ultimate playlist.  Make a collaborative playlist with all the songs you enjoyed listening together back in the day, or with the current hits that you both love or if you have different tastes in music, it’s a fun way to introduce your music to each other.

Plan a cross country road trip.

Some of the most epic memories are made during a road trip, especially during mishaps.  It’s a crazy adventure that is meant to be spent with your best friend. Make sure to plan it down to the last detail to avoid getting yourselves in danger.  Remember, safety is still more important than fun!

Take a vacation together.

Of course, no bucket list is complete without a vacation together – locally or internationally.  Pick a destination that you both love – do you want to relax, soak up the sun or party?  No matter where it is, I’m sure you’ll have the best time as long as you’re together.

Hop on a cruise together.

A cruise will give you the perks of an epic vacation without having to worry about all the planning details – hotel reservations, getting around, itinerary, food, etc.  All you need to do after you book a cruise is to pack your bags, hop on the ship and just enjoy and relax!

Conquer your fears together.

What better way to do something that scares you than with a best friend that you’ve known all your life?  Go bungee jumping, ride a roller coaster, swim with sharks, visit a haunted mansion – whatever that is, it’s more fun and more encouraging if you do it with your best friend.

Take a class together.

Whether it’s culinary, fitness or arts & crafts, there’s a wide variety of classes that you and your BFF can take together.  This way, you get to bond together while learning something new.

Get tattoos together (even matching ones if you like).

A tattoo is a life-time commitment so you need to really think about a hundred times before getting one.  Getting tattoos together is a memorable, scary and funny moment.  Hey, we all need an extra hand to squeeze while getting inked and that’s when a best friend comes in handy (just kidding… for moral support of course!).

Start a small business together.

Whether you plan to sell your pre-loved belongings at a yard sale or a side business that you can do together at a weekend or holiday market, this activity is not just fun but productive too.  You’ll never know, you might even branch out into a huge business venture eventually.

Volunteer together.

This is a memorable and special moment that you and your best friend can do together.  It’s a fulfilling experience to be able to give back and help the ones in need.

Get scrapbooking.

Preserve your memories by organizing all the memorabilia and pictures that you’ve collected together over the years and make a scrapbook that you can share together.  It’s a way to walk down memory lane and something that you can cherish forever.

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