5 Fun Ways to Improve Your Communication as a Couple

One of the important factors that contribute to a successful relationship is communication.  It’s the essence of a healthy relationship and the lack thereof can destroy one.

Yes, it’s not just all about love – especially when you’ve been together for a long time.

Poor communication can lead to numerous problems that can eventually ruin your relationship.  Sometimes, couples only realize the problem when it’s already too late – too late that the only solution is for them to go separate ways.  You don’t want that, do you?

If you are a couple struggling with communication or just looking for ways to improve what you have right now, here are 5 fun activities that can establish a better dialogue with your partner.

1. Talk about things that make you happy.

When was the last time you actually talked about things that make you happy?  Most of the time, conversations between couples revolve around complaints, problems, bills, what to eat, what the kids need… etc.  Try to sit down and spend time talking about the things you love and the things that make you both happy.  There’s no right or wrong here, just listen to each other’s happy thoughts.

2. Play games.

I know what you’re thinking… nope… not THAT kind of game.  I’m talking about card games that can encourage conversations and improve communication.

3. Take a trip together.

It’s time to break away from your daily routine and do something fun and relaxing as a couple.  A vacation isn’t just a way to escape the stress but it also provides numerous opportunities for you and your partner to communicate effectively.  From the planning to traveling and of course, when sharing time together in a new environment, you will be able to build communication and make new memories together.

4. Attend couple’s classes.

Couple’s classes don’t just make for a fun date night idea but a way to improve your communication as well.  Sign up for a couple’s class that will encourage you and your partner to work as a team like ballroom dancing, cooking or partner yoga.

5. Do the “Three and Three” Activity.

One of the many team-building activities that focus on communication is the “Three and Three” exercise.  In a piece of paper, you and your partner should list three things that you like and three things that you dislike about each other.

It’s a great opportunity for you to praise each other’s good qualities and learn about how your partner feels about you.  This is an activity to strengthen your communication, not to ignite hate.  So be open-minded, don’t get offended and just take the feedback positively.


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