5 Gift Ideas for Your Partner’s First Ever Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special occasion for all moms but I’m sure you’ll agree with me that a woman’s very first Mother’s Day is like no other.  It’s more exciting for first time moms as it symbolizes her entry into motherhood.

Her first ever Mother’s Day only happens once so you better make it extra special and memorable.  No clue on what to get her?  Here are 5 delightful Mother’s Day gifts for the first time moms.

1. A Day of Pampering and Relaxation

She braved pregnancy, delivery and countless sleepless nights – she definitely deserves a day of pampering and relaxation! She may not ready to leave the baby at home yet so why not take the spa to your own home.  Search online for companies offering in-home spa services straight to your own doorstep.

2. A New Wardrobe

Get her a whole new post-baby wardrobe!  Take her shopping (online if she doesn’t want to leave the house) or give her a gift certificate to her favorite apparel store.

3. A Meaningful Jewelry

Honor her motherhood and recognize her being the mother of your beautiful blessing by giving her a token that she can wear close to her heart, wherever she goes.   A necklace designed or personalized for her would perfect.  Major retailers and online stores have a variety of jewelries designed for moms but you can check out Etsy or Amazon Handmade for unique and customizable pieces like this Birthstone Necklace that can be personalized with your baby’s actual footprints/handprints.

4. A Digital Assistant

With all the diaper changes, breastfeeding, laundry, cooking and other tasks, an Alexa-powered device would be a perfect companion slash helper for a new mom.  Whether it’s creating a grocery list, setting alarms and doctor’s appointments, pull up a Lullaby music playlist for the baby, order diapers, control home automation devices (lights, thermostat), etc. – you can do all these hands-free through the Echo, Dot or Tap.  Alexa will come handy when you got too much in your hands!

5. Organize a Family Photo Shoot

Book a professional photographer and have your first official family photoshoot.  It will be even more meaningful if you actually do that on the day of Mother’s Day so make sure to book in advance.  It’s such a special and memorable way to document her first Mother’s Day.

Whatever gift you may choose, make sure that you don’t forget her very first Mother’s Day Card!  Your little one might be too young to write her an actual message but you can do that on your baby’s behalf.  Write the message as if it’s coming from your baby.  It’s cute, thoughtful and very sweet.  I’m sure that it will be her favorite gift of all!

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