How to Plan for a Romantic Road Trip

The sun’s out and the warm season is calling you and your significant other for some outdoor adventure.  Road trips are fun but it’s also a great way to bring both of you a lot closer.

So whether you’re going on a quick day trip, a weekend getaway or a vacation, here’s how you can make your time on the road even more romantic.

1. Decide on a destination as a couple.

Sure, surprises are fun but in this case you should pick a destination that you both love.  You can revisit a place that is meaningful in your relationship or a destination that has been in your bucket list for a while now.

2. Take a scenic route.

Now that you already have a destination in mind, it’s time to plan your route.  It’s good if you research ahead of time so you’ll know where to stop to check the sights, take pictures and enjoy incredible views.

3. Take tons of romantic photos.

Of course it’s a must to capture all the wonderful moments and those scenic views.  So don’t forget to bring a nice camera, a tripod and a selfie stick to ensure that you are able to get couple photos without having a third person to take it for you.

4. Create a romantic playlist.

A road trip isn’t complete without music blasting in the background.  Load your devices with your favorite songs as a couple as well as a bunch of classic love songs for a romantic road trip soundtrack.

5. Bring along some entertainment.

Aside from music, you can also listen to audio books and podcasts for entertainment.  Games are fun too like the Table Topics Conversations Cards that you and your lover can ask each other while on the road.  It’s a great way to discover more about each other while soaking in the beautiful romantic views.

6. Prepare a lot of food.

Food creates the mood and you know how hunger kills the romance every time.  Pack a lot of treats to make sure that you and your partner will never go hungry, or should I say… HANGRY.  If you’re planning to pull over for a picnic, you can prepare a few “romantic” on the go food like wine, fruits, cheese and crackers.  You can also plan ahead and make dinner reservations at a local restaurant if you want.

7. Book a spa treatment in advance.

Sneak in a relaxing massage during your road trip adventure by booking a spa treatment before you leave.  You both need it after a long tiring day of driving.

8. Give your significant other a love note.

This romantic gesture will surely make your lover smile and feel loved.  Hand it to him/her before the trip or after, or hide it somewhere for a cute surprise.


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