5 Reasons to Travel After College


After college, the stress of entering the real world can be overwhelming.  There is a lot of pressure from family, friends, media or even yourself to land a job right after graduation.  But you know what?  It doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re one of the college kids who graduated this year, I’m sure there’s an urge inside you to give yourself time to wander and explore before finally entering the real and terrifying world of adulthood.

There are many reasons why traveling after college is a great idea.  The best time to travel is now and here’s why:

1. Because you have the time and aren’t tied down.

You’ve spent almost all your life in school (so far), you deserve a breather.  You have the rest of your life to work anyway.  Don’t worry, there will be tons of job opportunities available for you when you get back.  Now is the perfect time to travel since it’s easier if you aren’t tied down to a full time job, spouse, kids and other major responsibilities yet.

2. Because it will boost your resume.

Yes, traveling will make you more marketable when you start applying for a job once you get back.  Employers value applicants who have experiences abroad more because it shows that they are ambitious, independent, open-minded and responsible.  Traveling also makes you learn a lot of skills that will come handy in the corporate world.  Between you and an applicant who hasn’t traveled, you will most likely get the job.

3. Because you are still qualified to receive discounts.

Fresh grads with unexpired university ID’s or international students are eligible to receive discounts that can sometimes reach up to 50% off.  So take advantage of it and score discounts on airfare, transportation, lodging, meals, tours, museums and more.

4. Because you’ll get to know yourself more.

Whether you’re going solo or not, travel definitely teaches you a lot about yourself.  Use this time for self-discovery – learn about your passions, strengths, weaknesses, goals and dreams.

5. Because traveling gives you a whole new perspective about life.

Being able to see the other side of the world, learn about different cultures and interact with different people opens you up to a whole new view on life.  You’ll develop a deeper appreciate for the life you have and you’ll realize how blessed you are – which can definitely affect how you treat yourself, your loved ones and the people around you.

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