Essentials for a Fun and Romantic Date Night at Home

Regular date nights are important to sustain a successful and long-lasting relationship, I’m sure you know that.  As much as you want to go out for a special and romantic date night, life gets in the way – work, kids, bills and a bunch of other responsibilities, making date nights seem impossible to plan and hard to find time for.

But who says you and your sweetheart can’t enjoy a fun and romantic date night at the comforts of your own home?  Just bring the date to you instead with the help of these essential items.

Romantic Dinner

A date night isn’t a date night without a romantic dinner for two.  Ordering take-out would be the most convenient thing to do but whipping up a meal with your significant other sounds like a fun date night activity, right?

Wine and Cheese

Sounds fancy, huh?  But trust me, a bottle of wine is essential for a romantic date night.  Pair it up with some cheese and crackers, to serve as your appetizer before dinner.  This Wine Set from ONEHOPE already includes a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, paprika almonds, fig spread, dipping spice, salami and garden vegetable cheese.  Everything you need for an at-home Happy Hour.


Don’t forget the dessert!  What better way to indulge in sweet treats than with your honey?  Buy your favorite dessert or make your own like this chocolate covered strawberries. 

Candles, Flowers and Music

Create a cozy ambiance by decorating your home with candles and flowers that will set the tone for a romantic date night.  Of course, you will also need some romantic music to set the mood.  Make a playlist or choose from curated playlists of some classic love song favorites and some upbeat ones too to make your date night even more special.


Break out the games and have fun competing and challenging each other over Jenga, Charades, Heads Up or other card, board and video games.  A playful night will surely lighten the mood and bring you even closer.


Of course, a date night in wouldn’t be complete without getting cozy with the one you love while watching a movie and munching on your favorite snacks.  If you are a Prime Member, you get unlimited access to thousands of movies and tv shows at no additional cost.

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