Top 5 Places for a Post-Grad Adventure

On yesterday’s blog post, I talked about the many reasons why traveling after college is a wise and smart decision.  Between graduation and the “real world” is a time to feed the wanderlust in you… because if not now, then when?  You deserve it after all.

Whether you’re up for a crazy escapade, some soul-searching, relaxation or serenity, here’s a list of 5 places to go to for a memorable post-grad adventure.

1. South East Asia

If you want an exotic and tropical destination that’s not only fun but relaxing at the same time, South East Asia is a home to countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines that boast pristine beaches, good food, outdoor adventure and a lot more.  And the best part?  It’s very cheap.  Perfect for post-grads who are traveling on a tight budget.

2. India

Another Asian country that I would like to recommend is India, it’s a great place to for soul searching, spiritual awakening and finding inspiration.  They say that a trip to India would be life altering experience, which I believe is perfect for fresh grads who are about to enter the real world.  Plus, India is a dream destination for yogis! If you’re one, then you’ll surely enjoy your stay in the country where it all started.

3. Nicaragua

For a beach getaway minus the overflowing tourists, go to Nicaragua instead of Cancun or Costa Rica.  Aside from it being very affordable, this country in Central America is very laid-back which means that you can truly relax and savor your vacation.

4. Portugal

Europe can be expensive but there are a few destinations that are more affordable such as Portugal which is a lot cheaper than Spain but has a similar vibe.  It has more beaches, a great wine region and a diverse cuisine which you will surely enjoy.  And if you’re concerned about communicating with the locals, the people in Portugal are better in English than Spain.

5. Amsterdam

Ranked as the best city in the world for millennials, Amsterdam is an ideal place for college grads to enjoy their much awaited freedom.  Yup, there are a lot of things that you can do in Amsterdam that are considered illegal in the US.  You’ll never get bored with the endless things that you can do in the city – – festivals, parties, drinking, dining and a lot more!


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