10 Creative Date Ideas for Summer Lovin’

Sure, we all love fancy dinners, movie dates and cozy nights in but this summer, it’s time to take advantage of the warm temperatures and do something fun, romantic and “outdoorsy” with your significant other.

So whether it’s a first date or a date night with a long-time partner, make your summer sizzle with these all-time favorite outdoor date ideas.

1. Rent a convertible for a day.

Imagine driving through the open road, the beach or the boulevard, holding hands with your sweetheart while listening to favorite tunes?  Sounds exciting, fun and romantic, right?  Find the cheapest car rental or just borrow from a friend or family who has one.

2. Enjoy a rooftop happy hour.

Head on to your favorite rooftop bar and enjoy cocktails and some dancing with your lover.  But if you don’t want to splurge on cocktails, just have your own one-on-one rooftop happy hour at home or your apartment building.

3. Play tourist.

See your town from a tourist’s perspective – I’m sure there’s so much more left to explore.  Visit your local sights, hidden spots or check your local tourism for information on upcoming events this summer.

4. Bike around town.

Rent a bike if you don’t own one and spend a day just biking around your neighborhood.  It’s a fun “athletic” date that will definitely keep you both fit for the summer.

5. See a movie outdoors.

Switch up your usual movie theatre or movie marathon dates to an outdoor movie.  Hit the nearest drive-in theater or outdoor film screenings at parks or just have your very own outdoor movie set-up in your own backyard.  Don’t forget the snacks and a cozy blanket and cuddle up while you watch.

6. Go camping.

Go on a mini adventure and have a romantic camping trip with your partner.  If you don’t feel like going far, you can just camp in your backyard!  Don’t forget to make s’mores and watch the stars.

7. Cook and grill together.

Visit the farmer’s market and enjoy nibbling on samples and of course, pick some fresh produce to grill and cook up together.

8. Go food truck-hopping.

Another “foodie-themed” date idea is to visit a variety of food trucks around your city and just feast on all sorts of food, drinks, snacks and desserts.

9. Get out on the water.

What’s summer without having a fun water adventure?  There are tons of water activities to do!  Rent a sailboat, go kayaking, learn how to surf, hit the beach or just have a fun day at the pool.

10. Watch the sunset.

Last but definitely not the least, find the perfect spot in your neighborhood and enjoy a quiet and alone time with your lover as you watch the sun going down.  It may sound a little dorky, but trust me, the view of the sunset never gets old.

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