5 Habits That Need to Stop If You Want a Serious & Healthy Relationship

In today’s modern dating world, finding your forever-person is like grasping for straws. Despite of the plethora of dating tools, events and single people out there, finding love is still not easy.

But hey, you can’t put all the blame to Mr. Cupid or the people you meet.  Assess yourself honestly because sometimes (or most of the time), it’s your own self that stop you from having serious and healthy relationships.

To set you on the right path towards finding true love, here are 5 habits that need to end now.

1. Pessimism

I’m a true believer of the Law of Attraction.  Whether it’s finding love or success, remember that “like attracts like.”  I understand that when it comes to true love, it’s not as easy as you think, but that doesn’t give you a reason to be bitter and negative towards love.  A negative attitude will be the root for doubt, jealousy, trust issues and so much more.  Be positive and believe that you will find true love, someday.

2. Holding On to the Past

How can you move forward when you are still letting the past affect the present?  You’ve been cheated and that really hurts, I get it.  But you have to let go of and move on.  Remember, love is a risk.  You can’t find true love if you fear it because you let your past relationships dictate your future.

3. Overthinking

Here’s a result of pessimism and holding on to the past, combined.  Most of the time, because of trust issues and the fear of past mistakes happening again, you tend to overthink every situation – creating problems that aren’t there in the first place.  Not only will overthinking and obsessing over your problems put a damper on your budding relationship but can scare potential partners away as well.

4. Not Giving Others a Chance

You want love but you say “no” more than “yes.”  True, being picky is a good thing to weed out potential heartaches.  But you also need to meet and get to know different people to potentially find the right person for you.   So start saying yes to more dates and respond to more hellos.

5. Stressing Too Much

Lastly, quit stressing too much about finding love.  It may sound cliché but trust me, it will come when you least expect it.

So carry on with that optimism towards love and just live in the moment.  Enjoy what you have now and while waiting for the right one, just focus on yourself, your family, your career and your dreams.

As the famous saying goes, “Love is like a butterfly, the more you chase it, the more it will elude you. But if you turn your attention towards other things, it will come and softly sit on your shoulder.”

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Toni is a regular contributing author on GuestRelationshipsBlog. She also likes to write about relationships, money, and health.
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