7 Outdoor Essentials for the Best Summer Party Ever

Summer is officially here!  And that only means picnics, staycations, barbecues and festive summer parties.  It’s definitely a great time for family and friends to get together.

If you love hosting cookouts and parties at home, make sure you have all the essentials ready – from grill paraphernalia, summer-themed décor, music and a lot more.

To help you prep for your upcoming backyard bash, here are the 7 items you need to kick-off your party-packed summer.

1.  Inflatable Cooler 

Nobody liked warm drinks in the summer.  Keep your drinks icy cold in this Palm Tree Inflatable Cooler, which makes for a great summer-themed décor too.



2. Grill Thermometer 

As a host, you want to serve your guests perfectly-cooked barbecue and enjoy the party at the same time.  So impress your guests with your perfectly grilled meat with the use of this Weber iGrill3 Thermometer that will help you monitor the doneness of your bbq from the moment you place your meat on the grill to the second it is perfectly cooked from your smartphone.  Now you can join in the fun while keeping an eye on the grill.

3. Outdoor String Lights 

Keep your backyard (party) lit and lively at night with these hanging lights.  This heavy-duty outdoor string lights with LED Bulbs will surely add a beautiful accent to your patio, deck, pergola or any outdoor space all year long since it’s weatherproof.



4. Summer Photo Backdrop

What’s summer AND parties without tons of picture-taking?  Give your guests the perfect summer-themed background for them to take lots of fun photos to look back to with this Sea Backdrop and photo booth props kit.



5. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Of course you need a Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite summer beats.  Get a rugged and waterproof portable speaker that can play songs from your smartphone or any Bluetooth-enabled device.  This one from AOMAIS is an Amazon Best Seller and even comes with a float accessory to bring it inside the pool.


6. Yard Game 

Aside from food, drinks, music and conversations, make your party more fun and entertaining with a yard game that both kids and adults can enjoy – like this Best Selling Giant Tumbling Timbers.  If you love playing Jenga, well this one’s a giant version of it.


7. Home Theater Cinema Projector 

Whether you’re hosting a movie night or just want to give your guests an epic night, a projector would be a great investment.  It’s a great device to use at home all year round, even on a regular day.  This home theater cinema projector is also perfect for movie gaming since it’s compatible with Xbox and the like.  As long as you have a wide white wall, you’re good.


So those are my 7 recommended outdoor essentials for an epic summer party!

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