A Father’s Day Gift Guide for New and Soon-to-Be Dads in 2017

A guy’s first ever Father’s Day is definitely a milestone.  So whether he’s a new dad or expecting his first-born this year, why not commemorate this special occasion with a memorable gift on Father’s Day.

From personalized keepsakes to items he’ll need to stay awake during those countless sleepless nights, I’ve rounded up 6 thoughtful gift ideas for the first time dads.

1. Customized Dad Mug

These cute personalized coffee mugs are guaranteed to put a smile on this new dad’s face every morning.

2. Nespresso

Make his sleepless nights more manageable with this Espresso maker with energy saving mode that automatically switches off after 9 minutes of inactivity.

3. Books

Let’s admit it, new dads need expert advice.  So get him all set and ready for his new role with these Best Selling books for First Time Dads.

4. Diaper Bag 

Nope.  Not those cute and colorful ones because I don’t think he’ll be thrilled about the idea of carrying it.  Give him a masculine version like this one from Diaper Dude Sport that is designed for the modern dad in mind.

5. Echo

With all the new responsibilities of having a new baby, help him manage your home with his very own personal digital assistant.  With the Echo, he’ll have access to any information, entertainment, smart home control and so much more with just his voice.  Trust me, the Echo will do wonders for you too.

6. Monthly Alcohol Subscription Box

Sorry dad, but it’s time to cut back on your weekly Friday nights out with friends now that you have your little one.  To make up for it, get him a monthly subscription of curated liquors, beers and cocktails.  At least he can still enjoy a night of merry-making… at home… with the baby… and you.


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