Beat the Summer Heat in These Top 4 Destinations

Summer is obviously the best time to soak up the sun, get some tan and enjoy tons of outdoor activities.  But when the heat becomes too extreme, all you want to do is get away from the scorching temperatures, sweltering humidity and endless amounts of sweat.

As we move in deeper into the summer season and the temperatures getting hotter and hotter every day, it’s time to plan for a trip to cool off and escape the overwhelming heat.

1. Maine

Tourists flock Maine’s coastline during the summer time. For a true escape and relaxation, head to the charming Rangeley region, a lakefront resort town in the western Maine mountains.  Enjoy different leisure activities offered by Rangeley such as nature trails, lake cruises, fishing, hunting and so much more, without having to deal with the scorching sun.

2. Glacier National Park, Montana

Take advantage of the cool temperatures in the mountains in Glacier National Park to escape the summer heat.  Outdoor enthusiasts will love clear rivers, stunning waterfalls, wild meadows and dramatic mountain views.  And by the way, snowfall still persists even during the hottest parts of August.

3. Alaska

The weather in Alaska is obviously pleasant and refreshingly cool during summer, so what better way to beat the high temperatures than having a vacation in this US state?  Go on a cruise, a rail journey or road trip around Alaska while enjoying the sceneries and outdoor activities without breaking a sweat.

4. Nova Scotia, Canada

This Maritime province in Canada is the best getaway for tourists who are looking for a calm, peaceful and serene atmosphere.  Lonely Planet describes Nova Scotia as “rugged yet kind-hearted.”  You’ll surely love its picture-perfect landscapes and architecture, hospitable folks, tons of exciting water activities and most of all, refreshing breezes.

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