5 Important Items to Pack When Traveling Internationally

Now that everything’s booked, set and prepped for your international trip, I’m sure you’re already oozing with excitement and non-stop daydreaming is very much expected  in the weeks leading up to your big trip.  But hey, quit daydreaming because there’s still one major task you need to deal with – packing.

Unlike short and local trips, packing for a long, international travel requires you certain essentials to get you through changing climates, sustain you economically, be culture sensitive and overall, make your trip smoother and safer.

To help you, here are the 5 important items to pack when traveling abroad:

1. Extra Copies of Passport and Passport Pictures

Organize your ticket, passport, cards, id’s and cash safely and securely in a travel wallet with RFID blocking feature.  But keep photocopies of your passport and extra passport pictures in a separate place in case your passport gets lost or stolen.  Leave one safely in your room and another copy with you just in case

2. Pocket Translator

If you are traveling to a country whose first language is not English, make sure to have a pocket translator with you.  You don’t have to bring a heavy dictionary or those fancy electronic pocket translators.  You can download free apps on your phone or do your research in advance.  Google the basic everyday phrases and print it out or write it in a small notebook.  You can also buy this Picture Translator to just quickly point to what you need and you’re good to go.

3. Universal Travel Adapter

Every country has different outlets for electronics that’s why you should always have a universal travel adapter handy.  This travel adapter from Amazon will work wherever in the world because it comes in 5 different input plugs.  It also works as a power cube because it can charge 3 devices simultaneously – 1 AC power socket and 2 USB ports for your smartphones, tablets, e-book readers, etc.

4. Extra Medicines

Whether it’s your maintenance medications or basic meds (for pain, allergies, diarrhea, stomach upset, etc.), make sure to pack more than you think you need because you’ll never know what can happen.  You may drop some pills or misplace them or for some reason, have to stay longer than what you’ve originally planned.  It would be very difficult to buy medications without prescription and it’s not guaranteed that the over the counter drugs that you already trust will be available in the country you’re visiting.

I recommend you to get this Water Bottle with Pill Organizer to always have water and your daily meds on the go wherever you are.  Fill up the bottle before you leave your hotel and make sure to refill it again whenever you get the chance.

5. Shawl/Scarf

A lightweight shawl/scarf is a versatile item to keep inside your bag when traveling.  It can work as a travel blanket, an accessory, a shade in case it gets too sunny or when it drizzles and most importantly, if you will be visiting places like mosques, temples and churches.

These 5 highly important items are often overlooked so I hope you found this article very helpful.  Safe travels!


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