5 of the Best Places to Travel in August

August has always been a peak time for travel.  Not only that the climate is warm and balmy, it’s also the last chance for many of you to sneak in one final vacation before summer officially ends.

In the US, August is said to be the hottest month that’s why Americans flock the beaches, lakes, mountains and other popular destinations to cool off.

You still have a lot of time to plan for a vacation in August, and to help you choose your destination, here are 5 of the best places to travel next month according to Travel and Leisure:

1. Big Bend National Park, Texas

Situated in the Southwest of Texas, Big Bend is famous for its natural resources and spectacular geology that houses a wide array of habitats including over 400 species of birds and more than 1,200 species of plants.  It’s also known for its pristine, clear skies – the best spot to view the Perseid meteor shower that peaks in august.

2. Black Rock Desert, Nevada

If you want a brand new and one of a kind experience this year, you should visit Black Rock Desert and be a part of their annual “Burning Man” event which is described as an “experiment in community and art, influenced by 10 main principles:  radical inclusion, self-reliance and self-expression, as well as community cooperation, civic responsibility, gifting, decommodification, participation, immediacy and leaving no trace.” 

3. Detroit, Michigan

In the last few years, a number of sleek new hotels, luxury retail outlets and restaurants have been popping here and there in Michigan’s largest city.  This August, experience the biggest classic car event in the world, Woodward Dream Cruise.  Aside from that, different art and food festivals such as the African World, Sidewalk Art, Sweetest Heart of Mary Pierogi Festivals and the Picnic at German Park event that happens during the last weekends of June, July and August to experience all things Germany – beer, wurst, lederhosen, etc.

4. Portland, Oregon

Take advantage of the warm weather and enjoy Portland’s laid-back vibe, hip restaurants, microbreweries, indie coffee shops and eclectic festivals like the Bite of Oregon on Waterfront Park that celebrates local food, wine, craft beer and music.

5. Vancouver, British Columbia

Now if you want to travel out of the country without having to go really far, visit Vancouver and enjoy a much cooler summer days exploring the city, hiking in the mountains, etc.


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