5 Simple and Fun Activities That May Help Ease Anxiety


If you or a loved one is battling with anxiety, you know that it’s not just simply being worried.  It’s a serious health issue that can be debilitating and crippling, and most of the time, requires professional help.  At the same time, medications and therapies aren’t the only solutions for dealing with anxiety.

Depending on the type and stage you are in, there are various activities that may help restore balance in your mind, alter your mood and relieve its physical symptoms.

1. Work out.

The idea of getting out of bed to exercise when you’re not feeling your best may sound like a very difficult task but studies have proven that working out is potentially one of the best anxiety cures.  During exercise, your brain releases “relaxation” neurotransmitters and depletes cortisol, and together, both responses play an important role in regulating the mood and relaxing the mind.

2. Visit an art gallery.

Art therapy has been a popular form of treatment of anxiety and depression.  But that doesn’t mean you are required to have artistic skills.  Studies show that simply looking at art can reduce stress levels and lower anxiety.

3. Tidy up.

My personal go-to activity when I’m feeling anxious – cleaning.  We both know that meditation and exercise are popular anxiety treatments but it’s not for everyone.  Cleaning on the other hand is a physical activity and at the same time, it’s like meditation.  It doesn’t just clear your head but also clears your space from things that can clutter your mind.  Allow yourself to get into the complete cleaning zone, focus on your task and you’ll be hitting two birds in one stone – a clean home and a reduced anxiety level.

4. Crafts & DIY.

Whether it’s scrapbooking, needlework, carpentry, etc., crafting and making DIYs are great ways to take your mind off things.  When you have something to focus on and want to accomplish, you tend to avoid on fixating on your anxiety or prevent an attack.

5. Go for a Walk or a Run.

Aside from these two being forms of exercise, walking and running can sometimes feel like an “escape.”  It’s liberating and can put your mind at ease.


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