Fun & Educational Subscription Boxes for Kids


With thousands of subscription boxes out in the market today, there’s a box for almost everything imaginable – not just for you, but for your little ones too.

Now that it’s summer, it’s the perfect time to try out different subscription services to keep your kids entertained, engaged and educated while the school is out.

Help them learn new skills, explore their passions, get creative, or enjoy their favorite hobbies even more with these fun & educational subscription boxes:

Kid Stir  

Kid Stir is a great way to explore, cook and have fun together as a family.  Your budding top chef will surely love this box filled with step-by-step recipes, printed shopping list, educational foodie pages, kid-sized cooking tools and themed activity materials.

Reading Bug Box 

Bring literature straight to your doorstep every month with Reading Bug Box.  Each box contains 2-4 hand-picked books matched to your child’s interests and reading level, plus a game or craft item to match the theme.


Doodle Crate 

Doodle Crate is a subscription box from Kiwi Co that is centered on Art & Design.  Get your children to express themselves through DIY projects and help them learn new interesting art and design techniques every month.  The box already inclueds all the materials needed for each project, as well as detailed instructions with design inspiration and video tutorials.

My Pretend Place

Pretend Play is essential for children to advance their cognitive and social development and My Pretend Place offers a subscription box that has everything you need to inspire your child’s imagination.  You can choose from a variety of themed boxes that include costumes, props, activities, crafts, books, snacks and more.

Little Passports 

Inspire your child to learn about the world without leaving the comforts of your own home (and breaking the bank) with the Little Passports subscription packages where they can explore one state, country or world theme at a time.

STEM Toy Club

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – core subjects that are very important for a child’s future success, and the STEM Club program will deliver handpicked, high-quality and age-appropriate toys straight to your doorstep every month – from programmable robots to crystal kits, chemistry sets to arithmetic toys!  These are not just ordinary toys that kids play with, the STEM toys encourage children to learn important subjects for future success through play.

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