New Smartphone Apps for Long Distance Relationships


Indeed, technology has changed the way we communicate with each other.  And over the years, it has definitely improved the quality of relationships, especially for those who are separated by time and distance.

As technology continues to improve, more and more couples have become more confident to engage in long distance relationships.

So if you and your significant other will be living miles apart or already are, take a look at these free smartphone apps (aside from the popular Social Media and Instant Messaging apps) designed to make communication easier and more fun no matter where you are in the world.


The founders of this app were in long distance relationships themselves so they created an intimate place for two in the virtual world.  The app will be an exclusive hub just for you and an account that you pair with.  It features a Private Timeline to make your memories last forever, a Snapchat-like feature that allows you to send self-destructing photos, Live Sketch so you can share a screen and doodle together and lastly, the Thumbkiss where you and your S.O. can send each other vibrating virtual “kisses” by touching the same spot on your phone screen.

Happy Couple

Learn more about each other even when you’re miles apart through this fun quiz-style game that you and your partner can play together virtually.  The app will require you to answer 5 questions from 6 different topics that will earn you points and unlock new levels together.  It’s definitely a great app to discover your differences, similarities and how well you know each other.

Simply Us 

This app is perfect for busy couples who want to easily keep tabs on each other’s schedules and organize their lives together virtually.  It features a Shared calendar so you and your partner can add events, shifts, important occasions to remember and Shared Lists that allow you to create a list together whether it’s your to-do’s, things to buy, bucket list, etc. The app also has Private Messaging so you can chat and work out your hectic schedules.


If you and your sweetheart love sending each other doodles, sketches and drawings, the LokLok app replaces your Android phone’s lock screen with a shared “whiteboard.”  It’s a very cute way to personalize each other’s lock screen.

Thanks to technology, long distance relationships have now become a realistic option.

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