Social Media Etiquette for Happy Couples

Social Media has played an important role in starting relationships, maintaining them and unfortunately, putting an end to them too.

Yes, social media is a slippery slope.  If you’re not being careful, you can slide, slip and hit your head onto the floor.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media networks have changed the game for all of us.  As an advantage, communicating and connecting with our friends, families and significant others have become easier.  On the other hand, the transparency of social media has also ruined the concept of personal and couple privacy, well that is if you allow it. 

If you want a stress-free and happy social media experience as a couple, here are 5 tips you and your partner should put in mind.

1. Go easy on the Digital PDA.

I know, you may be over the moon with your partner or just can’t stop yourselves from sweet exchange of comments/tweets on your respective social media accounts but hey, not everyone appreciates that and it can be pretty annoying.  Keep in mind that the most important things in life are better enjoyed in private.

2. Put down your phones during date nights.

A date night is an opportunity to spend quality time with your partner, getting to know more about each other, talking about each other’s days, planning out the future, etc.  It’s not the time for your “friends “or followers, and definitely NOT the time to talk about the latest gossip you just read on your feed.

3. Add and accept social media contacts sensibly.

Every couple is different.  Some are okay with having exes on their social media, some don’t.  Some partners will allow you adding random people, while most don’t.  So make sure to send or accept friend requests with “care” to avoid potential problems.  Try to think about what your partner may feel or better, talk to them first to know their thoughts and opinions about it.

4. Keep your fights off of social media.

Please don’t post about your fights, rants or angry messages aimed at your partner.  If you think it’s your way to get your partner’s attention or get sympathy from others, it’s not going happen.  It will not solve the issue.  It’ll just make it worse.  At best, your friends will even laugh at you behind your back.

5. Respect each other’s privacy.

At the end of the day, it’s still very important to respect each other’s personal space and privacy, in real life and in social media.

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