Must-Have Parenting Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Moms and Dads need all the help they can get – whether it’s from grandparents, friends, baby sitters and even technology.

Yes, there are quite a lot of smart phone apps that aim to make parenting a bit easier – from apps that offer parenting advice to babysitting services, fun apps to keep kids entertained to apps that will keep them safe, and so much more.

Check out the list below for the Must-Have Parenting Apps to make your lives as Moms and Dads a lot easier.


This is basically an Uber for Nannies who are thoroughly screened, background checked, social media reviewed and CPR certified.  You can book a nanny three months in advance or as littles as three hours. Rates depend on your location, number of children and notice given for the booking.  However, Helpr is currently available only in LA, Santa Barbara, Ojai, Bay Area, San Francisco and select areas of Orange County then New York and Seattle very soon.


No more endless text, calls and major anxiety, wondering if your teenager arrived to a party safely or if your kid made it to soccer practice, etc.  Life360 keeps families connected 24/7 with its ability to instantly see where everyone is in the app’s map.  The app also includes both private and group messaging to simplify communication among all family members.

Cozi Family Organizer

Keep everything organized with the help of Cozi Family Organizer, a 3-time Mom’s Choice Award Winner and an app that a lot of parents swear by.  In the app, you can keep everyone’s activities and appointments in one place.  Create to-do lists, grocery lists and all sorts of lists that all members of the family can view and add to.  It’s a very easy and convenient way to schedule plans and coordinate within your family across multiple devices.

YouTube Kids

YouTube is the perfect way to get your kids behaved and entertained, especially when you’re busy doing chores at home.  But there are tons of videos that are not appropriate for kids.  With YouTube Kids, you can tailor what you want to allow your kids to see, as well as manage their screen-time.

Baby Connect

For parents caring for babies at home, you know how difficult it is to track feedings, diaper changes, sleep, meds and the like.  With Baby Connect, you or your baby sitters can easily log all these information into the app and share it with authorized users.  It also has a chat messaging feature so moms, dads and nannies can easily exchange messages and photos with each other within the app.

Amazon Prime Now 

Amazon Prime Now makes shopping for household and/or baby essentials easier and a lot faster.  With your Prime Membership, you can easily choose from thousands of items, including baby food, diapers, ingredients, toiletries, electronics, meals and so much more directly from the Amazon App… the best part?  It can be delivered straight to your doorstep in as little as two hours!


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  1. Dev Evo says:

    Happy Kids Timer Morning app should be in this list too. This app is an educational game that motivates kids to do morning activities. Cute animations will tell them what to do and kids will become more independent.

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