5 Red Flags to Watch Out for When you Start Dating Someone

Okay, so you met someone and things are going pretty well.  They are attractive, funny, smart and witty – what else could you ask for?

But remember, the first stage of dating is usually like that – all rainbows and butterflies.  If you’re not being keen or careful, you might not be able to see the signs that the universe is sending you.  Don’t get blinded with all the sparks and fireworks, keep an eye out for red flags at the beginning of a relationship (while not being too judgmental at the same time).

There are a few quirks that can be accepted but there are some deal-breakers that shouldn’t be ignored, and that’s what we will be talking about in today’s blog post.

1. They don’t show interest in your interests and only talks about themselves.

Selfishness can manifest in a lot of ways and this is one of them.  How do you expect a mature and fair relationship if you have a selfish or self-obsessed S.O. who only talks, thinks and cares about themselves.

2. They are too controlling.

There are lots of alpha males and females in the world and you might be dating one.  Between you two, he or she usually has a stronger personality – confident, bossy and always has the last word.  But there’s a big difference between that and a controlling partner.  That’s the type of partner who makes decisions for you or criticizes the decisions you make.  Someone who gets mad if you spend time with your friends or doesn’t like if you have fun without them.  Ladies and gents, this is a sign of potential emotional abuse.

3. They are always jealous.

Okay, jealousy is cute sometimes.  But not when  it turns into an obsession that borders on insanity.  For example, your green-eyed monster goes through your phone without your permission, or not allowing you to have friends from the opposite sex and worse, if he/she is already making accusations and being constantly suspicious of all your interactions with other people.

4. It’s difficult for them to stick to plans.

This is definitely not a sign that the person you are dating is serious… or maybe they have commitment issues.  Either way, this kind of relationship isn’t worth it.  Don’t wait around and just leave.  You deserve more than that.

5. They always make fun of you, your interests, opinions and ideas.

Constructive criticisms are welcomed in relationships but are addressed to make fun of you and make you feel worthless – that is so wrong, especially in front of other people.  This is a sign that he/she doesn’t respect you, and you wouldn’t want a relationship with a partner who is like that.  Respect is an important pillar of a happy and successful relationship.  Without it, your relationship is doomed to fail.

If you feel like you can relate to these situations, get out of that relationship ASAP.

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