The Best Toys & Games for Family Game Nights

On my previous article, I talked to you about the importance of having regular Family Game Nights.  To give you a summary, game nights bring families closer, foster communication, teach essential life skills and create a lot of positive and fun memories that your kids can look back to when they grow up.

If those aren’t enough reasons for you to have family game nights regularly, check out my top favorite family games from Amazon’s Holiday Toy List and I bet you’ll want to start a new family tradition ASAP.

Eye Found It

This Disney “hidden picture” board game promotes cooperation and teamwork, as well as enhances observation and matching skills.  The goal of the game is for all members to search for iconic Disney objects together to get to Cinderella’s castle.  For every item a player finds, that’s one step forward for all players.


Word Slam

Here’s a game that gives a different twist to the classic charades.  Instead of acting out, players will only be able to communicate through cards that have one word on it- a noun, verb, adjective, or preposition.  It’s also a fast-paced game because opposing teams play simultaneously and have the same “term” to guess.



This is a word game that involves guessing and bluffing.  Among the team is a Werewolf and a Seer who both know the secret word but has two different roles.  The Werewolf is playing against you while the Seer’s task is to help you out without being obvious.




This Award Winning family strategy board game is like Domino with touch of Monopoly. Each player takes on the role of the Lords seeking new lands in the forms of tiles, and build and expand the kingdom together.  But you must have a good strategy in choosing your tiles because points for each landscape type are calculated at the end of the game to and whoever has the highest, wins.


Hearing Things Game

If you’ve seen the “Whisper Challenge” on YouTube, then this game is similar to that.  It’s a lip-reading challenge game box that already has noise-cancelling headphones and 150 cards with over 600 hilarious phrases that the whole family will surely enjoy.

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