Why Everyone Should Still Have Family Game Nights

Back in the day, there weren’t iPads or Nintendo Switch for children to play with.  Instead, there were board games, puzzles and all sorts of “real” games that weren’t just enjoyed by the kids but the entire family.

Modern parents and kids nowadays may think that “Family Game Nights” are lame but you know what, this “old school” activity has a number of benefits.

Game nights bring the family closer.

With busy lifestyles and kids spending most of their time watching T.V., playing with their gadgets and everyone just doing their own thing, it’s so hard to bring the family together.  That’s why you have to be intentional about it and really have these family game nights regularly for family members to reconnect with each other and make spending time together easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Game nights promote family communication.

With all these technology advancements, it’s so easy for kids to enjoy just being on their own, which is not good for their communication skills.  Family game nights however, encourage conversations and foster communication which is a very important factor in keeping families intact.

Game nights teach important life skills.

Games teach and sharpen very important life skills such as good sportsmanship, problem-solving and fine motor skills.  These types of skills aren’t taught verbally; these are learned and developed through different activities and circumstances.  With game nights, you get to provide your young kids valuable practice and a chance to demonstrate these important skills under your supervision and guidance.

Game nights create positive memories.

You don’t want your kids to grow old and just have memories of them playing alone with their toys and gadgets.  These fun game nights will give them an emotional “bank” of positive memories shared with the whole family that will help them in the future when times get tough or sad.

If you want to start a new family tradition or just bored with the same games you have during Family Game Nights, Amazon has curated a list of top games and movies that the whole family can enjoy.  In the next article, I’ll share with you my top favorites.


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