How to Survive a Holiday Breakup

Going through a breakup is tough.  But having to go through it during the festive season is a lot tougher.  While everyone is celebrating and having fun, you’re there – miserable and mending a broken heart.

I understand, I really do.  But dealing with a breakup during this time of the year doesn’t have to be that way.  Who says you’re doomed to have an un-merry Christmas?

Quit that sulking and read my helpful tips on how to survive a holiday breakup.

Be with your loved ones.

Post-breakup, most of you may choose to be alone and isolate yourselves from friends and family but you know what?  That’ll just do more harm than good.  Why not take advantage of the holiday season and spend more time with family, re-connect with old friends and socialize in different events.  This will help take your mind off the breakup situation and most of all, now is the perfect time to be surrounded by people who love you unconditionally.

Pamper yourself.

If you really can’t bring yourself to socialize, you can still do a lot of things alone that doesn’t involve crying over Nicholas Sparks movies.  Get out and pamper yourself.  You deserve it!  Whether it’s a massage, a holiday staycation or that expensive thing you’ve been eyeing for months now. One perk of being single during the holidays is that you don’t need to spend money on lavish gifts for a significant other.  You can have it all for yourself!

Start your holiday shopping.

How about some good old retail therapy?  Finalize your holiday gift list and start shopping.  By doing this, you’re already hitting two birds in one stone.

Plan a holiday getaway.

Where do broken hearts go?  Well, they travel.  Traveling, whether solo or with a group, is a helpful way to get you through a breakup.  Aside from it being a good distraction from all the drama, traveling also shows you how beautiful life is when you feel like life has become meaningless for you.

If you decide to travel alone, this becomes an opportunity for you to learn how to become independent and be happy on your own again.

Give back.

This is the season of giving.  While you may not have a significant other to share your love with, why not just share with people in need?  Take part on volunteering activities and charity events and make your heart feel happy again by giving back.

I know that each of us has different ways to cope with a breakup, but remember that happiness is a choice.  Yes, it’s hard but you have to start picking up the pieces now if you want to feel whole again.

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