New Holiday Traditions to Start this Year

Holiday traditions play a significant role in building a strong bond between families.  Together, you and your whole family get to create meaningful memories to cherish, look back on and look forward to each year.

Whether you’re a new parent or just looking for a new holiday tradition to share with your children, siblings, parents and other loved ones, here are some ideas to try this year.

Have a professional holiday family portrait.

Choose a different theme each year and have a photographer take your holiday photos.  Yep, just like the Kardashians.  You can use it for your yearly holiday cards and personalized calendars.  It’s also a fun way to see the progression of each member of the family over the years.

Have a Christmas Countdown with books or movies.

Wrap up an assortment of Christmas books or movies and open one each evening beginning on December 1st or whenever you want to start your countdown.  If you have little children, you can read them one story at bedtime or watch a Christmas movie together as a family each night till Christmas day rolls around.

Start a Christmas ornament collection.

This is perfect for newlyweds and new parents.  Each year, pick out an ornament that is significant to you for that year.  It’s very meaningful when you revisit those treasured collection of ornaments and their meaning in the upcoming years.

Do an act of service.

Start a tradition of giving back because what better time to of year to volunteer than the holidays?  Pick a charity that is close to your heart or participate in different volunteer activities in your neighborhood.  This is also the perfect time to gather pre-loved belongings for donation.

Adopt a cultural tradition.

Each culture celebrates Christmas differently.  It would be wonderful to practice a different cultural tradition each year and learn about various holiday traditions from all over the world.


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