Couples who Sweat Together, Stay Together: How true is this?

Do you have a Fitness Buddy?

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To enjoy your life to the fullest, it is crucial that you maintain a decent body weight, have a good posture, stay in shape and eat healthily. None of this, however, can be achieved if you haven’t made exercise and healthy eating a part of your daily life.

Of course, we know that exercising and being highly conscious of what you eat can be more than daunting, especially if you are doing it all by yourself. Hence, having a fitness buddy is always a good option. In fact, it is nearly mandatory for some people, like my own self.

Workout partners not only motivate you but also make sure you go beyond all your limits and get in the shape you have always wanted. But their help and motivation at times usually are restricted to the fitness studio.

Because your workout is not the only thing that helps you get in shape, you need more or less the same level of motivation outside the gym too. But what if your life partner becomes your workout partner?

If you live an active and healthy life but have lethargic and lazy significant other, it can negatively affect your physical fitness routine and health. However, if your partner is just as active and diet conscious as you are, you’ll never run out of motivation to hit the gym and switch to a healthy lifestyle.

Couples who hit the gym together surely stay fit. But how well does this help them in the long run? Read on to know if sweating it out with your adorable better half in the gym makes your bond stronger than ever or not!

Working out together increases happiness in your relationship

Studies reveal that couples that hit the gym together seem to enjoy a relatively better romantic, physical and happy relationship than those that did not. This is because working out together means spending more time with each other.

Exercising together means spending time together not only in the gym but also while commuting to and from it. This helps couples make their special bond even better. Sharing the same fitness goals, diet and even sleeping and eating routine with your life partner gives you a number of topics to talk about, which is one of the critical elements that undoubtedly enhances the quality of your romantic relationship.

Improved workout routines

As mentioned above, having a partner to help you out with your workout helps you achieve your workout goals. Now imagine the excitement if your gym buddy is, in fact, your romantic partner?

According to a study, just the presence of somebody can have a significant effect on your capability to carry out an activity, without you being aware of it. Another study done by a researcher at Kansas State University proves that having a reliable partner can boost the workout intensity by as much as 200 percent.

Having your partner by your side in the gym improves your speed, stamina, and energy because who wouldn’t want to go an extra mile to impress their other half. This not only helps you move towards your goals faster than you expected but also strengthens your relationship.

Physiological effects on the relationship

Working out means having sweat all over, shortness of breath and an elevated pulse. While most of us find this as just a part of the workout, all these are in fact the signs of what is known as physiological arousal. Use this to your advantage to increase the thrill and romance in your relationship.

You get to enjoy not only the same diet but also the cheat days

Since you both are health conscious and want to eat just the right food, there would be little to no fighting over where and what to eat. You both would know what exactly what should be included in your meal plans.

The dedication to maintaining a balance between exercise and diet will help you both eat together. Moreover, it would save you a significant amount of money every month that either of you would have spent on junk food. And when there is healthy food on the table and a little extra cash in the pockets, there is satisfaction and happiness in a relationship.

You both could also bond better while cooking and trying out different healthy recipes. Apart from consuming the right food, you both could make the most of your cheat days by munching donuts and chocolates together.

Your partner will take care of you

There is nothing better than having your life partner as your fitness partner too. Both of you will take care of each other both inside and outside the gym. Your partner will make sure you are doing all your exercises the right way. In addition to that, you both will keep a check on your diet and health. Evaluating your partner’s diet plan and fitness routine and getting the same attention in return will show how intense the love between you two has become.

Constant encouragement

There will be days when either of you simply wouldn’t feel like going to the gym. This is when one will definitely encourage the other, with positive or even negative words but that would surely do the trick.

Exercising together will give you both the strength to push and motivate each other not only when one does want to burn fat but also during stressful times, which clearly is a sign of a strong bond. Moreover, it will help you get the extra push that you need to outdo yourself and become not only stronger and fitter but also better and brave.

Reduced arguments

Working out is an excellent way of getting rid of the piled up anger. That’ right. Physical exercise helps you to release stress and all the negative energies. When couples are working out together, they get a chance to sweat their negative emotions out. After a good workout, what you and your partner will be left with is no or very less stamina to fight. Even if there is a problem, you’ll find a better way to sort it out. With more productivity and reduced arguments, you two will have a long way to go.

Sharing a hobby with your other half

Once you start going to the gym with your partner, you get to see it as a whole new hobby that you both share. And once you start sharing a hobby, you will have something to talk and study about. This will help you spend quality time together.

Better understanding

Understanding and getting along with each other’s routine and lifestyle is one of the critical elements of a healthy relationship. When working out, partners get to understand each other better. Not only this, they even compromise for each other without letting the other one know. And when there’s an intense level of understanding, theirs is no room for unwanted fights.

Increased energy allows you both to stay active

When couples are engaged in healthy physical activities and follow a well-planned exercising routine, they tend to remain active and present-minded most of the time. The increased energy and active lifestyle allow couples to be more playful and adventurous, which leads to nothing but happiness.

Emotional attuning with your lover

When you’re exercising with your other significant other, there will be moments when you both will be involved in a nonverbal sync. For instance, you might match your walking pace or your cardio and strength training rhythm with that of your partner’s. This unique connection adds a healthy and fun spark to the relationship.

Amazing sex life

According to research, working out has been proved to enhance one’s sex life. When both of you work out actively, your sex life could become much better than ever before. Also, when there is more energy and stamina, there would be more fun. And think about getting in the shower together after an intense workout.

Couples who go out to health clubs, gyms or fitness studios together not only stay healthy and in shape but also enjoy a romantic and healthy relationship. This can help you and your partner improve your daily routine and perform better everywhere, together. So if that’s convincing enough for you, it is the time that you grab your partner’s hand and invite or even drag him or her to the gym. Make sure you know how to work out together. Thank me later!

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