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5 Exciting Staycation ideas for Couples

Spending one on one time with your partner is a must if you want a happy and healthy relationship. But sometimes, life may get in the way, which is normal.  However, for a relationship to thrive, both of you should … Continue reading

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7 Self-Care Practices That You Should Start Doing Right Now

First things first, self-care isn’t being selfish.  When you take action for the benefit of your own physical, mental and emotional health, you don’t just take care of yourself but also your relationship with others. The practice of self-care has … Continue reading

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Why Every Mom Needs a Journal

Brace yourselves because the new school year has officially started.  From your kids’ homeworks to your own work commitments, cleaning to making dinner for the whole family and so much more, life as a mom is no joke. With all … Continue reading

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