Why Every Mom Needs a Journal

Brace yourselves because the new school year has officially started.  From your kids’ homeworks to your own work commitments, cleaning to making dinner for the whole family and so much more, life as a mom is no joke.

With all the hustle and bustle going on in your home (and inside your brain), you need to have something to keep you organized, positive and sane.  I wish there was a magic pill for this but what I’m talking about is keeping a journal.

I know some of you may feel that you won’t have time for that, but trust me, it’s just a teeny weeny time investment for a great number of benefits.

Okay, so here’s why you should start one:

To keep up with everyone’s schedules.

Every member of the family has his/her own schedules but as a mom, you need to keep up with all of them.  It’s good to have a journal with a calendar that lets you see everyone’s schedules – your kids’, your spouse’s and of course, yours.  This way, you won’t forget any meeting, party, medical appointment, etc.

To organize all of your to-do lists.

Moms have a loooooooooooong list of things to-do.  Instead of just mentally listing every task in your mind, write it down.  This way, it’s way easier for you to track the things you’ve done and still left to do.  Being able to cross things off your list will also give you a sense of accomplishment and motivation to keep going.

To meal plan.

Having to decide on what to have for dinner every single day is quite stressful, isn’t it?  So save yourself from this dilemma by using a journal to plan your meals.  A food journal is a very helpful tool for meal planning.  When you plan your meals ahead of time, you get to save time, money and make sure that every meal is healthy.

To record milestones and keep small mementos.

For moms who don’t have time to make a scrapbook, a journal is the perfect place to record your family’s memories.  There are various types of journals but you can use those blank pages to keep polaroid photos and other small mementos that you want to keep

To track your personal goals.

As a busy mom, you need some time for yourself too.  Don’t ignore self-care, it’s what keeps you sane.  Use your journal to list down all your personal and professional goals, and keep track of the things that are important to you for inspiration and motivation.

To have a place to write your thoughts.

Another self-care activity is keeping a journal for your thoughts.  You don’t have to have “author-level” writing skills to be able to start a journal.  Keeping one allows you to record all your feelings and thoughts for that particular day, even the negative ones.  Journaling can improve your mood, clarify your thoughts and help you stay positive in stressful situations.

To keep you grateful.

Another idea is to have a Gratitude Journal, where you list down everything that you are thankful for that day.  Some days can be good, some days can be bad.  Writing on your journal every night allows you to reflect on how the day went and see that despite of all the problems and stressful situations faced that day, there are still a lot of things to be grateful for.

Overall, a journal will be your handy tool to stay productive, efficient and positive amidst the chaos of a busy mom’s life.

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