How to Meet People In Real Life In The Age Of Online Dating

Once upon a time, before the internet came into existence, the only way to meet new people was to actually get out there, and to connect with someone means that it has to begin with a face-to-face interaction, not a greeting sent through text.

Nowadays, one can easily meet someone without even having to leave the house and change into decent clothes. All you have to do is log in to your dating apps, scroll through a gallery of photos, swipe, tap, type, and before you know it, you already got yourself a date for the coming weekend.

But despite of the multitude of dating apps and sites available in the web, online dating is not for everyone. Plus, we all know how certain people can turn out the complete opposite of what they portray online.

So if modern dating isn’t your style, why not go “old school” and meet people in real life?  After all, I strongly believe that this is still the most genuine and authentic way to meet your significant half. 

Alright, let’s get started. 

Say “yes” to work happy hours.

There are two possibilities of meeting your future soulmate on one of your work happy hours.  One, this is probably the time when you can see the other side of your dorky co-worker and realize that he’s actually cute, or vice versa – the perfect time to show your fun and flirty side. Now if you already know for a fact that you will never date any of your colleagues, then the other possibility is that you’ll never know who they will be bringing. So the next time a co-worker invites you for a happy hour, make sure to tag along.

Go to friends’ parties.

Whether it’s a birthday party, a baby shower, their child’s first birthday, or whatever party they throw, never say no and just go. This is a good chance to meet new friends and a potential partner. Gatherings like these is a wonderful opportunity to expand your social circle.

Take part in activities that you are interested in.

Okay, you’re single and you want to find love but it doesn’t mean that you have to push really hard to the point that you’re already acting desperate.  So go and put yourself in environments that you already find interesting whether it’s a class that you can enroll to, or events that you can attend. This way, you’re not just doing the things that you enjoy and enrich your life with new learnings, but this is also a way to put yourself out there and meet people.

Travel solo.

Solo travel isn’t just empowering and liberating but it’s also one of the best ways to meet new people.  You won’t just be able to connect with the locals but also to your fellow tourists that might share the same interest as you.  Be open to socializing more while making sure you stay safe.

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Do more things alone.

Spend more me-time in public to make it easier for that potential someone to get to know you. You see, when you’re rolling with your friends, it can be intimidating for random people to come up to you. But aside from that, spending time alone is something that everyone should do for themselves once in a while for self-discovery and self-love. Meeting a social someone is just a bonus.

To sum it all up, for you to connect with people, you need to put yourself out there. They say you should not chase love and just let love find you… Well, it’s true, but love won’t just come knocking on your door, you also need to do something about it.

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