5 Ways to Make His First Father’s Day Unforgettable

According to surveys, majority of the people don’t spend as much on dads for Father‘s Day as they do on moms for Mother’s Day.

Well, the stats seem unfair.  If you did something special for the moms in your lives on the second Sunday of May, then you should do that as well for the dads… especially for first-time fathers. 

Being a Father for the first time can be overwhelming and I can’t imagine how exciting that may be for them. So now that the day for you, supermoms is over, how about we do something special for the best dads and dads-to-be in your world?

1. Make him breakfast in bed (or his favorite meal).

With so much going on, preparing a breakfast for your hubby and him enjoying it without disruptions are quite rare these days, right?  So why not take this opportunity to whip up his favorite breakfast (or whatever he likes) and serve it to him in bed?  At least even for a day, he can relax and savor each bite without thinking of the next chore to do.

2. Have your baby make his/her own card.

Well, technically, it’s you who will be making it (obviously).  All you need is a washable, child-safe, non-toxic paint or inkpad to decorate the card with your little one’s hand and foot prints.  It’s definitely a sweet and simple keepsake that dad will treasure for a lifetime.

3. Write him a time-traveling letter from your child.

Warning: there will be tears involved, especially with the hormones if haven’t popped yet.  This tear-jerking idea is truly unique and special.  Write a letter in behalf of your baby or future child/ren thanking him for being a great father and for every single thing you imagine him to do in the future.

4. Make him a fatherhood memory box.

Start this fun tradition that can grow with your child/ren over the years.  Curate a memory box loaded with all things “daddy” starting with his pictures with his newborn (or your baby bump) and other memorabilia.  As your child grows, you can add more things and eventually get them involved.  It will be a treasure trove of special memories as a dad that he can look back to in the future.

5. Let him know what a wonderful first-time dad he is.

At the end of the day, there is nothing more rewarding than being appreciated for what you do.  This Father’s Day, don’t forget to make an effort to make him feel special and appreciated by telling him what an amazing dad he is and how grateful you are to call him your other half in this journey called parenthood

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