Sex Topics That Every New Couple Should Candidly Discuss

Erectile DysfuntionMany boyfriend-girlfriend relationships often start unplanned. Several of them are sparked by listening to the other person’s voice or seeing their beauty, anatomy, or a combination of two or more such factors. Either slowly or surprisingly fast, the relationship would advance, and the two would get intimate and possibly end up engaging in sexual intercourse.

However, before dimming those lights, there are some crucial things you should boldly talk about to avoid surprises or disappointments. You will not always know what your partner thinks about sex. Could he or she be storing some fantasies, desires, preferences or sexual experiences they’d like you to know about? Knowing your partner well before having sex could put you on a pedestal to a better sexual experience, which is known to create a great bond between partners.

Here are a few of the things to open up about before taking things to the next level.

Talk About Your Sex History

While most people never want to talk with their partner about their sexual history, your partner would appreciate you telling them about who you are, the things that define your sex life, and the influence that such a past has on your current sex life. What has defined your sex life? How many partners have you been involved with, and why? What resulted in your breakup? Are you still having anything pending with another partner? When discussing such issues, be candid. Have you been experiencing premature ejaculation? Have you taken any steps to help you last longer in bed? If yes, are you using pills or some form of therapy?

Open Up About Your Sexual Strengths and Weaknesses

Everyone has their sex story and what they think is their strength or weakness. When going into a discussion with your new partner, openly talk about what you think about your sex life. Are you the morning person or the night owl? How many times would you like to have sex in a week? Are you a sprinter or a marathoner in bed? If you’re a sprinter, would you be willing to practice how to last longer in bed?

Ask Questions About Other Existing Relationships

People think of serious relationships differently. While you might take it as an exclusive affair between just the two of you, there are partners who’d take you “very seriously,” but still be involved in other relationships. What would be your take about something like that? Most probably unacceptable, right? Is your partner having some issues to clear up with their ex? What are the possibilities of them making things up with their ex, if there is any? Knowing these things in advance is very important. By discussing such matters openly, you wouldn’t go into a relationship with expectations that aren’t realistic.

Open Up About Personal Secrets Relating to Sex

You or your partner most likely has some secrets about your sex life. Some of these secrets, even though they may not be so obvious, may end up impacting negatively on your relationship. A good example is having a history of sexual abuse or trauma that still affects the way you look at sex in general. STDs, Erectile Dysfunction, and such like things are things to open up about before jumping into the bedroom. If, for example, you’re suffering from ED, maybe the two of you can figure out ways on how to last longer in bed for mutual sexual benefits. If these things aren’t discussed openly, one partner may end up learning about them at advanced stages and this may lead to distrust, shake the relationship, or break it completely.

Safe Sex and Future Plans

Moving to the point of having sex with your partner isn’t a small thing. It’s vital that some things are laid on the table. For example, it’s essential to know what your partner thinks about safe sex. If you’re to go into a relationship, for how long would your partner want to stay without having children. If you were to have children, how many would he or she want to have? Everyone wants to have the best sex life, but also to ensure that their partner is feeling the same. Future plans would also mean figuring out how to make your sex life better in case of challenges. For example, the two of you can put your heads together to figure out how to last longer in bed in a case where one of you has such a weakness. You could choose to use pills prescribed by a doctor, which have become very famous over recent years or visit a doctor for an examination to ascertain what the root cause of the condition could be.

At the end of it all, be sure to handle things with care and wisdom, without pushing your partner to levels they can’t handle at that given moment. However, before you or your partner feels comfortable enough to open up about things, keep the idea of having sex on hold.

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