Top 5 US Cities for Fall Travel

With the perfect temperature, picturesque landscape, fewer crowds and lower prices, the Fall season is indeed the most ideal time for an enjoyable and affordable getaway. Whether you are traveling solo, with your friends or a significant other, here are the top 5 Cities in America to visit this Fall. New York City Of course, number one on the list is New York City.  It’s the city of all seasons!  But it’s during the Autumn time that you get to see the true beauty of Central Park.  Read more [...]
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8 Tips to Overcome Post-College Blues

Graduation, check!  Epic post-grad Summer Vacation, check!  Unlike last year though, there’s no “back to school season” to look forward to anymore.  Now that all the summer fun is over, it’s time to get back to reality which is to get a job and make some money. Unless you are one of the lucky few to land a job right away, the transition from a college student to an unemployed young professional is hard and some of you might not help but feel pressured, anxious, scared and blue. Don’t Read more [...]
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10 Romantic Date Ideas to Try this Fall

There’s just something about the Fall Season that makes it magical and romantic.  With the crisp, cool air and the trees changing its colors, you can’t help but feel cozy and in love.  Autumn is definitely the best time of the year for love and whether you are in a brand new dating situation or have been married for years, here are 10 creative and fun date ideas that you and your partner should try this Fall. 1. Fall outfit shopping. The girls will definitely approve of this idea but Read more [...]
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4 Strategies to Help Your Child Socialize in School

Not all children are born as social butterflies and not all kids have charismatic and extrovert personalities.  For some, it’s not easy to make friends and socialize with their peers, especially those who grew up without siblings or have introvert personalities. As parents, you play a big role to help your child develop these very important skills. Nothing hurts more than seeing your child getting hurt, alone or rejected by others. It can be challenging but here are 4 strategies that Read more [...]
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5 Tips on How to Create a Positive Learning Environment for Your Kids at Home

Your home plays a very important role for your child’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth.  Sure, school is the place where they develop their academic and social skills but learning shouldn’t stop once they leave the school grounds. Children should be able to go home to an environment that is conducive to learning with parent/s who is/are fully committed to facilitate learning and encourage regular study habits.  After all, parents are still and will always be the best Read more [...]
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6 Tips to Control Your Child’s Aggressive Behavior

Petty fights are normal among children and siblings.  Just like us, adults, kids can get worked up too.  However, when anger and aggression is expressed by attacking other children or even adults, that’s not considered as normal behavior anymore.  These instances can be seen in schools, at home or even in public. If you have observed that your child has an aggressive behavior, you shouldn’t just ignore it and let it pass because it can lead to worse problems in the future.  To help Read more [...]
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5 Helpful Tips When Preparing for Back to School

Oh, where did summer go?  It’s the end of August which means that back to school is just around the corner… like really, really close.  Going back to school after an epic summer vacation is a struggle not only for your kids but for you, parents as well.  So here are a few tips and ideas to ensure a smooth transition to back to school. 1. Back to School shopping. New stuff – probably the only thing kids are excited about when going back to school.  (Admit it, it was your favorite back Read more [...]
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3 Simple Strategies for a Successful Conflict Resolution

Whether it’s between couples, family members, colleagues or neighbors, conflicts are inevitable no matter how careful you are in committing mistakes.  Each individual is different and these differences can lead to misunderstandings, arguments or a full-blown fight. When tensions rise between two persons, it can really be stressful and can ruin not just your relationships but even your job and your dignity as well.  To avoid reaching to that point, it is very important to resolve the conflict Read more [...]
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How to Build the Perfect Wedding Registry

If you are currently planning for your wedding, have you already thought about your wedding registry?  Well, just in case you have no idea what a wedding registry is about (which I highly doubt), it’s a list of certain items that an engaged couple needs and wants to receive to start their new life together.  It saves you from the dilemma of dealing with things that you already have, don’t need or let’s admit it, things that are just not pleasing to the eye.  Handpicking potential gift Read more [...]
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How to Deal With Language Barrier in Interracial Relationships

We live in such a diverse society that crossing paths and falling in love with someone from another culture, color or race is quite inevitable. Interracial relationships have a lot of perks like learning other culture, appreciating your own and developing an open mind.  But like any type of relationship, there are challenges too and one of those is Language Barrier.  This is a problem if you and your partner don’t speak the same language or one isn’t really good at speaking English. Communication Read more [...]
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