Romantic “12 Dates of Christmas” Ideas for Couples

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me… a partridge in a pear tree. ♫ A Christmas countdown with a romantic twist sounds like a fun idea but I don’t think anyone wants to receive turtle doves, French hens, swans, geese, drummers, maids and the rest of those mentioned in the song. If you want to surprise your other half with a romantic Christmas countdown, a “12 Dates of Christmas” is a great idea!  It doesn’t have to be 12… you can go for 10… 7… or if Read more [...]
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6 Things to Consider When Buying Toys for Children

There are millions of products that are marketed for kids online and in stores (which doesn’t make shopping easier).  Most of the time, it becomes a daunting task for someone who doesn’t have any clue on what to get.  You don’t just buy what’s cute and trendy, you need to consider a lot of things such as safety, quality and educational value to name a few. To help you out, I’ve listed 6 important factors to consider when buying toys for kids. 1. It should be safe and age-appropriate. In Read more [...]
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5 Destinations to Celebrate a Sunny Christmas

Are you bored of celebrating a White Christmas year after year?  Is the lack of sunshine turning you into a Grinch? Well, `tis the Sea-Sun to be jolly!  I know we’re only a month away and I’m not sure if that’s enough time to plan for a tropical holiday but hey, it’s never too early to start planning for next year, right?  So if you want to leave winter behind and enjoy a sunny Christmas somewhere else, here are the best destinations to give you some guaranteed holiday fun and warmth, Read more [...]
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The Best Educational Toys & Games for your Kids (Holiday Gift Guide 2016)

When gift shopping for your little ones, don’t just pick random toys that they will easily get tired of playing with.  Sure, they will be ecstatic at first but eventually, they’ll just get bored with it.  But when you give them educational toys and games, you create an impact that will last for lifetime.  Educational toys help your child’s development by stimulating their brains, giving them a head start in reading, math, science and also spark their lifelong passion. If you haven’t Read more [...]
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How to Make this Year’s Thanksgiving Celebration a Meaningful One

I’m sure that a lot of you are now stressing over your Thanksgiving preparations, ensuring that everything will turn out perfect – the food, the decorations, the fun and games, to the point where you tend to forget about the true meaning of this celebration.  Thanksgiving isn’t just about eating delicious food, it’s about family and friends gathering together to thank the Creator for His blessing and spending quality time with each other. These days, a lot of things get in the way Read more [...]
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Gift Guide:  Something Personalized & Sweet

If you are struggling to come up with gift ideas for the people you love, it’s always nice to go for something that has your personal touch.  Nothing beats handmade and personalized gifts to make that person extra special.  It shows that you really put much thought and effort in coming up with that gift.  Here are some cute, unique and sweet gift ideas for every special person in your life. For Her Personalized Eclipse Necklace This stunning necklace is very eye-catching and catching. Read more [...]
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6 Beautiful and Unique Wedding Destinations in America

If you’re recently engaged or probably soon to be (the holidays are coming up which means higher chances of wedding proposals on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, right?), you know how important the venue is, not just for setting the mood but of course, for your pictures as well.  Who wouldn’t want the perfect and one of a kind backdrop as you exchange your wedding vows? These days, couples try to steer away from the traditional wedding venues and even opt to get married somewhere far with Read more [...]
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How to Throw an Epic Friendsgiving Party

What exactly is Friendsgiving?  Well, it’s the new Thanksgiving practiced by most American Millennials where they celebrate the holiday with non-family members.  Basically, Friends + Thanksgiving = Friendsgiving.  Wow, that was hard. On a serious note, Friendsgiving parties are usually modern, non-traditional, fuss-free but sometimes chic and fancy.  It’s focused more on connection and fun rather than tradition. Send out invites. Just like any party, it’s important to have a solid Read more [...]
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5 Romantic Cruises for Couples

There’s just something about sailing on the high seas that is undeniably romantic – the salty fresh breeze, amazing island views and the beautiful sunrise and sunsets.  On top of those, you also get to enjoy a bunch of fun couple activities, watch Broadway-style performances, have intimate dinners and relaxing spa treatments.  If you are considering a romantic cruise getaway, I’ve rounded up a list of the most romantic cruises as ranked by US News, Cruise Critic and Travel + Leisure. 1. Regent Read more [...]
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Decorating Your Home for Thanksgiving

The next few months will be filled with festivities and what better way to feel the holiday vibes than to start collecting Thanksgiving decorations and begin with the gift shopping.  Although there are tons of decorations and gift items that you can purchase in stores, nothing beats handcrafted pieces with your own personal touch. If you are the crafty type, you’ll find a lot of DIY projects on Pinterest that are trendy, easy to make and affordable as well.  But if you are like me who isn’t Read more [...]
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