5 Honeymoon Destinations for the Adventurous Newlyweds

For many couples, a relaxing and tropical destination would be the ideal place for a romantic honeymoon.  But for adventurous couples, it’s not just about the clear blue waters and picturesque sceneries.  It’s also about the exciting thrills. With that said, let’s take a look at 5 destinations that offer a bunch of one-of-a-kind activities to feed the adrenaline-junkies in you. 1. Galapagos Islands This is for the adventure-seekers who love exotic wildlife.  Explore the unspoiled Read more [...]
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How to Love Yourself and Attract Love in Your Life  

“You can’t love someone without loving yourself,” such a cliche, but definitely true.  A healthy relationship begins with two people who love themselves enough to love the other person.  When you hate yourself, you are filled with negativity, insecurities and envy – three things that can push a person away and ruin a relationship. If you’ve been through a series of heartbreaks in the past, it’s probably time to sit and think about how you see yourself and how it has affected Read more [...]
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The Best European Destinations for Solo Travelers

Sometimes, traveling with other people can get overwhelming that’s why the best travel companion you can have is yourself.  Letting yourself wander and get lost in a beautiful city is such a fulfilling experience.  Plus, you are the master of your itinerary – you see everything and plan your activities at your own pace. If you are traveling solo for the first time, Europe is a good place to start.  It’s a lot safer and has so much history and culture to discover. If you’re planning Read more [...]
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A Single Girl’s Guide to “Surviving” Valentine’s Day

Well, ladies.  It’s that time of the year again.  February 14th.  Valentine’s Day.  You know… that over-hyped “holiday” that reminds us, single ladies, that… yeah, we are totally single.  But before you even start panicking or breaking down, read this article first and I’ll help you make this year’s Valentine’s Day fun and memorable even if you have no one to spend it with. First of all, who says that Valentine’s Day is just for couples?  Valentine’s is about love Read more [...]
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5 Unique & Creative Dinner Date Ideas

Dinner dates – the endless cycle of grabbing a bite at a swanky restaurant followed by drinks at a bar or a movie after wards.  Hey, it’s 2017!  It’s about time to try something new.  Ditch the classics and go for something unique, creative and unexpected. To help you brainstorm for your next dinner date, here are 5 ideas that are worth a try. 1. Have a three-course dinner at three-different places. If you want to stick to the classic three-course dinner, change it up by going to Read more [...]
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His & Hers Gift Ideas for Couples

From married to dating or anywhere in between, “His & Hers” gifts are perfect for love birds at any stage in their relationship.  Whether it’s for an engagement, wedding, housewarming... Valentine’s, Anniversary or just because, here are 8 his & hers gift ideas for the madly-in love couples.   1. His Beer Glass & Hers Wine Glass For couples who love to drink together, this Beer and Wine Glass duo is perfect for at-home dinner dates.  Both glasses also make an Read more [...]
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6 Fun & Unique Classes That Couples Can Do Together

Couple classes are perfect if you are looking for unique and fun ways to bring you and your partner closer.  Break away from your usual date nights and try something new (especially this Valentine’s Day).  These classes provide an enjoyable and unique way for couples to bond, learn something new and make new and long-lasting memories. 1. Mixology Class For couples who enjoy drinking (in moderation), why not learn how to make your own cocktails and discover new tasty drink recipes?  It’s Read more [...]
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8 Subscription Boxes for the Gentlemen (Gift Guide for Him!)

With a slew of subscription boxes popping here and there, you’ll surely find one that fits your personality. For a monthly or a one-time fee, you will receive a curated box of cool items that you will surely love.  Whether it’s food, grooming items, apparel, alcoholic beverages, you name it, the world of subscription boxes has it. As for the ladies, you can use this as your gift guide when shopping for your favorite men. For the Coffee Junkie:  White Tale Coffee Receive a box filled Read more [...]
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Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him (That are Not Cheesy or Lame)

Men can be tricky to buy gifts for, especially on Valentine’s Day when the tradition of giving chocolates and cheesy V-Day cards has become such a cliché.  But who says that gifts given on this day need to be sappy? Take a look at these unique gift ideas that you can get for the man in your life this Valentine’s Day. New Pair of Headphones You can never go wrong with a new pair of cool headphones.  The V-Moda Crossfade M-100 is one of CNET’s best headphones for 2017.  Dubbed Read more [...]
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6 Unconventional (But Fun and Adorable) Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

Fancy dinner, expensive gifts, bouquet of roses, chocolates and cheesy messages, you know the drill.  These are the obligatory things to do and give during Valentine’s Day.  Of course, these are all romantic and cute but sometimes it just gets boring, especially when you’ve been dating for so long. If you want to break away from the usual, check out these 6 unconventional but totally fun and sweet things to do this Valentine’s Day. 1. Ditch the fancy dinner date. Instead of a fancy Read more [...]
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