The Best Subscription Boxes for Her #GiftGuide

Whether it’s for Valentine’s, Birthday, Anniversary or no occasion at all, a Subscription Box Service is the perfect go-to or last minute gift when you are already running out of gift ideas. Subscription box services have taken the world by storm – from snacks to gourmet desserts, cosmetics to skincare items, pet supplies to candles, the subscription box market has every theme imaginable. Still not sure what to get her?  Here are my top  picks to help you choose the perfect subscription Read more [...]
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Quick Romantic Getaways for Valentine’s Day 2017

We’re still a month away from Valentine’s Day, but that’s a perfect amount of time to plan for a quick romantic getaway.  For some, this time of the year may be an overrated holiday but for some, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate love.  Not that it’s the only time to do that.  Obviously, you have to show and celebrate love as if it’s Valentine’s Day every day.  Cheesy, I know. Anyway, I’ve rounded up a short list of America’s most romantic cities for a quick and Read more [...]
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5 Tech-Free Getaways if You Want a Digital Detox

On my previous blog post, I mentioned about Digital Detox Retreats where you can “disconnect” with the world but “reconnect” with yourself.  Going tech-free is a unique physical and emotional experience that can reinforce the importance of meaningful and personal relationships and connecting with your inner self without relying on technology. If you are ready to go tech-free, here are 5 getaways for your digital detox. 1. Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, California This Zen Monastery Read more [...]
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Your 7-Day Digital Detox Plan

We don’t need to check the stats to know how people nowadays are addicted to the internet.  If you can’t go 20 minutes without checking your phone, well, it’s time for an intervention! Did you know that Digital Detox Retreats exist?  Yup, these retreats are completely tech-free.  Attendees are required to give up all their gadgets in exchange for a bunch of experiences that will “disconnect” you from the world but will reconnect you with yourself.  However, these retreats are Read more [...]
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The Ultimate Travel Bucket List for Couples in 2017

Traveling is the perfect way to spice up your relationship – discovering the world, experiencing new things and making new memories together.  If you want to break the monotony of your day to day routine, seek new adventures and travel together. To inspire you, I’ve rounded up the ultimate travel bucket list filled with all sorts of experiences whether you are a couple who loves adventures, food, relaxation or just pure romance. Parasail in Rio Imagine soaring over the Atlantic Ocean, Read more [...]
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5 Reasons Why Every Couple Needs Weekly “Date Nights”

When you’ve been with your significant other for a long time, it’s sometimes hard to remember the value of date nights in your relationship.  Of course, life happens – work, kids, bills and a bunch of other responsibilities, and you fall into a routine, making one-on-one couple time fall to the back burner.  Although it’s considered normal, don’t allow it to stay that way.  Here are 5 reasons why every couple needs a date night at least once a week. 1. Improves Communication Communication Read more [...]
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The Most Romantic Winter Destinations in America

There’s just something about the cold weather and the holiday spirit during the winter time that gives us that romantic vibe and an urge to go on a romantic getaway. Imagine you and your partner cuddling in front of a fire place while sipping on hot cocoa inside a cabin, relaxing on a hot pool under the stars or even laughing your hearts out as you go skiing together.  Whatever your idea of a winter getaway is, there are plenty of destinations in America that offer the best setting for your Read more [...]
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10 Tips to Make Flying with Kids Less Stressful

Moms and dads know the struggle of having little ones on board.  If this is your first time to travel with your tiny tots, I’m pretty sure that your mind is full of questions already.  “What if they don’t stop screaming?  What if they won’t fall asleep?  What if they get sick?” And let’s not forget the anxiety that you are currently feeling as you imagine the glaring eyes and possible complaints from other flyers. If you want the whole experience to become less stressful, make Read more [...]
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6 Tips if you are “Meeting the Parents” Over the Holidays

Meeting your significant other’s family is nerve-wracking.  More so if you are meeting them over the holidays.  Of course, you want them to like you but you have to do it the right way.  Here are 6 tips on how you can survive and ace the whole experience. As the saying goes, you’ll never have a second chance to create a good first impression.  So this is it and you can do this! 1. Be yourself! As much as you want their family to like you, “fake it till you make it” doesn’t Read more [...]
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“Date Nights in a Box” for Busy Couples

Date nights are crucial if you want a long-lasting and successful relationship.  In fact, a recent study by The National Marriage Project showed that couples who have at least one date night per week are happier than those who don’t. These date nights provide an opportunity for couples to cultivate and maintain the emotional and romantic connection they have with one another. However, life sometimes gets in the way and the romance can get neglected, especially for couples who have been Read more [...]
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